Archer Class PVE Rotation Skill Tutorial Guide
Azurelis 2021-02-13 01:01
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Hello Everyone,


I made an archer PVE rotation guide as per requested by viewers after they saw my previous Mammoth Battle Video.


Part 1 Monster Pack to Pack Rotation:


Part 2 Long Range Damage Rotation:


Part 3 Special Demo (Boss fight that combines Part 1 & 2 together)


New Player Helper Discord which also consolidates all free item coupon codes:  


If you are comfortable with the way I guide you through the videos, you can see more of my guides at:


And by any chance, if you wish to support my efforts to create more content like this with a small donation, please review the available perks here:


I sincerely hope these videos can somehow help new players out there, or players who are interested to try the Archer Class.


This is not the "best rotation/dps/optimal" guide. I do not make those click bait videos. The videos above are requested by viewers as they are interested to learn my play style, which is more towards enjoying the game rather than fighting against the game. So this is just to give a heads up only before anyone "comments that this is not good whatsoever"





Character Name Azurelis
Main Character Archer
Lv 61
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