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Free 75 Ancient Spirit Dust (Event) Everyday
Freyara 2021-02-14 00:23
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Hello guys, this is your supporter Freyara

today we will talk about the latest event "[Event] Dusting Off the Red Battlefield"


Event Period 

- February 9, 2021 (Tue) after maintenance – February 24, 2021 (Wed) before maintenance 


Event Details

Basically to do this event you are going to enter Red Battle Field and PVP in large group for total 10 - 20 minutes

to enter the Red Battle Field you will need to press Esc - F7 - 1


After entering there will be a quest provided by NPC named Daz, simply just take the quest everyday


Basically the quest told you to get 5 red battle seals, and to get this you can simply just pvp in large group there

- if you lose, you will get total 2 seals

- if you win, you will get total 5 seals


so if you lose all the match, you will need to do this total 3 times finish the quest.

the reward of this event is 75 ancient spirit dust


Increased Rewards During the Event Period! 

Ancient Spirit Dust x50 

Ancient Spirit Dust x75 


P.S. : i suggest just bring your trial char here, since you can use all the buff and all the free potion and to bring the trial char it's exactly the same way which is just log in to your trial char then Esc - F7 - 1 to enter red battle field. BUT REMEMBER ! Trial char can't accept this quest, so first you need to accept the quest using your normal char, then change your character to Trial and re-enter the red battle field and after finishing the quest, you will need to switch back to your normal char to get the reward.

Happy RBF-ing Hu Ha !



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