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Skill Preset Feature BDO
Freyara 2021-02-15 16:38
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Edit Date : 2021-02-15


Hello guys this is your supporter Freyara, today let's talk about Skill Preset Feature in BDO


What is it for?

Basically Skill Preset allows you to save and load your skill tree, add on, and quickslot.

mostly people use it to change between succession and awakening (vice versa) without re-learning all the skill again.

for example :

you like to use awakening for pvp and succession for grinding, while grinding there's somene asked you to duel for spot so you need to change to awakening, with this feature you can change it right away. All the skill level, add on, and quick slot will loaded back again the same when the time u saved it in the skill preset.


How to get the Preset Coupon?

as you can see one class will get total 2 Preset Coupon. 1 after completing Awakening quest and 1 after completing succession quest

exception for Shai and Archer they will get 2 presets after finishing talent / Ascension quest.


How to use it?

1. after finishing the quest you will need to summon black spirit and take the preset quest.


2. the coupon should be in your inventory after taking the reward u can simply just RMB it to open the Skill Preset Tab in your skill tab.


3. open your skill tab you will find a preset skill tab on the bottom left

4. before saving your skill to the preset tab make sure you've learned all the skill that you want, all the add-on, and all the quick slot has been arranged. then simply just save it to the preset [1] tab


5. do the exact same thing to your awakening tab for the [2] preset tab


6. after saving both of the preset tab, you can freely change from awakening to succession with the same learned skill, add-on, and quick slot whenever you want.

to do that just load the skill on the preset tab [1] or [2]

There you go guys, easy as pie XD, BUT !! remember changing preset using secret of old moon book will have 1 hour cooldown

but changing in the city by talking to skill intructor will only have 10 minutes cooldown


Benefit :
- Changing from awakening to succession easier way and vice versa

- Reloading all the skill, add-on, and quick slot in instant


Downside :

- Long hour cooldown total 1 hour assuming you are changing outside skill instructor

- need to go safezone to do it, nearest will be the node manager in your grinding place


Happy Presetting Hu Ha !


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