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How I earn CPs - Episode 3
ThenFallenOne 2021-02-21 10:25
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Hi fellow adventurers, welcome to episode 3 of the guide. Hope you'll have a wonderful Lunar New Year & Valentine Day, I will be sharing what I do to increase my CPs. In each series, I will be covering the method I used to increase my CPs and also some personal opinion on it.


How I earn/farm CPs Series

Episode 1 Introduction
Episode 2 CPs by Questing  
Episode 3 CPs by Cooking / Alchemy <-- You are here
Episode 4 CPs by doing dailies[Coming Soon]


Pre-requisite but not a must!

Caphras - Journal of Glory - may refer to Grumpy on how to complete the quest.


*For cooking and Alchemy, this not required.


CPs by Cooking / Alchemy

By cooking & alchemy, it will produce additional materials called Witch Delicacy from cooking and Mysterious Catalyst from Alchemy. These materials will enable you to exchange with contribution exp.



Difficulty Rating

If you have the materials ready, you can just spam the cooking/alchemy endlessly to generate the delicacy & Catalyst. The difficult part will be insufficient ingredients at an early stage. As a beginner in cooking & alchemy, these are few products you can consider cooking & Alchemy. These products are very easy to obtain and can be sold to the Central Market and also use as a base for higher grade ingredient. I listed some of the products which I often spam.




Essence of Liquor

Teff Bread



Clear Liquid Reagent

Pure Powder Reagent


*The products I suggested are not limited to the above, if you have other recipes, feel free to continue using it as the drop are RNG basis.


As a starter for cooking/alchemy, you may need to invest in the nodes and wait for the worker to collect the material.


The initial capitals for cooking/alchemy may be high as you may need to invest in Silver Embroided/ Manos and tools quite high unless you are okay with the 10sec cooking/alchemy time.



That is for my 3rd episode on getting CPs by cooking/alchemy. Tune in for my next episode on ways to get CPs. If you have any other thing would want me to test out, feel free to let me know and I will have a look at it.

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