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How To Start Farming
Auraenys 2021-03-04 07:55
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The first Lifeskill on my list is farming. The reason it is recommended to set-up farming first because this is a Lifekskill where the scale of rewards is way better at higher levels, but is slow to level up. Below we will cover how to start farming, and tips on how to level this Lifeskill.



You Will Need:

Fence (REQUIRED) - comes in 3 different sizes, small (4), plain (7) and strong (10). The bigger the fence, the more CP required to borrow it (number inside parenthesis), but also gives you more plots/grids for your seeds. This makes the land instanced, meaning more players can choose the same land and not worry about collision with other players' farms. You borrow these from material vendor npcs, search "fence" on your magnifying glass icon in the map. Once you reach Master level, you can borrow the Old Moon Fence from the Old Moon NPC. This has 10 plots and costs 10 CP but is the same size as a small fence, makes for better placement management.

Seeds (REQUIRED) - This and the fence are the most basic but important in farming. You can choose any seed you like. You can visit the seed vendor, click on the magnifying glass icon on your map and type "seed". There is also a chance to get these from gathering. For this guide I chose grapes, tomato and haystack.

Non-Safezone Land (REQUIRED) - Here is where you will put the fence. You cannot put the fence on a safezone, so I chose an area that is very near a safezone for transport and storage purposes. I personally put my farm just outside of the Northern Calpheon gate on the Southern Wheat Farm.

Organic Fertilizer (OPTIONAL) - Helps in reducing the wait time before harvest.

Purified Water (OPTIONAL) - Increase the amount of water deposit in the farm.



Let's Start Farming:

1. Go to Your Chosen Non-Safezone Land. Preferably somewhere near the city/town. I chose North of Calpheon city, nearest the Central Market and Storage NPC.

2. Open your inventory and select the fence you want use, place the fence, keeping in mind how many fences you want to place at this time, as fence positioning will impact how much fertilzer and water you will use later on. It's recommended that you place every 4 fences in a window pane shape.

3. Once you have placed all the fences, approach the fence by going to its center, interact with the fence by pressing R which will open your seeds window (seeds currently in your inventory).

4. Select the seed you want to plant by click on it, and placing it on the farm grid, you can also press the numbers corresponding to the seeds when planting them. Keep in mind that different types of seeds will require a different number of grids in the farm. Plant all the seeds until you don't have any grids left. Repeat on all the other fences.

5. After planting on all your fences, go to the center of the 4 fences you set-up (refer to No.2), and alternately water and fertilize your 4 fences, checking the water and fertilizer gauge to make sure you do not overuse these add-ons.



And there you have it, you've started your farming Lifeskill. All you have to do now is wait for the harvest time, which is indicated on top of the crop information once you've planted the seed. You will also need to come back from time to time to kill pests and prune your crops to ensure you gather them on time, and get the best harvest, either through plant breeding or gathering the crops. You can place a worker on each farm who will automatically kills pests and prune crops.



Last Leveling Tips:

1. Tend and Harvest your crops instead of hiring workers. Kill pests, pruning crops and harvesting by yourself adds to the farming experience, which you need to level up. Place a dedicated alt chartacter on your farm, this way you don't have to run to the farm everytime it's harvest time, you can just switch to the alt character.

2. Place as many 1 grid crops as you can. The higher tier crops require more grids, and thus your character will not kill pests and prune as much as you would with 1 grid crops. The more times you tend to your farm, the more farming exp you get.

3. When it's time to harvest, Plant Breed your crops first to get seeds before harvesting, repeating the process until you have enough seeds to plant on all your fences. This way you never have to buy seeds again, and your farm become self sustaining.

4. Save your farming byproducts, gathered from killing pests, pruning, plant breeding and harvesting, these are the materials you gather along with the actual seeds and harvest. These can be used to make other things like haystack and Stonetail Fodder, used for horse awakening, has a high value in Central Market.

5. Be patient. This is probably the most important thing in this Lifeskill and almost anything in Black Desert. The fortune will not come to you overnight, it takes time to build an empire.



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thanks for good guide <3

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Hope you find this helpful OverD.



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Nice guide ✌️

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Ty for the guide Aura!!!

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Thank you for the feedback Atras!



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Thank you. It is simple.

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You're welcome Lada. Hope you find this helpful.



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