Revamping the Investment Bank System
Mes69 2021-03-06 20:35
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Some limitations to CAP Passive Income:

1. You can invest only in a Single City

2. Maximum investment is limited to 10b

3. Fixed Number of Days with rework cycle, like with farms [15Day Cycle - Does not change from worker group i.e. Artisan/Pro etc]

4. Fixed Income for certain limits

4a. 1b = 10%, 5b = 15%, 10b = 20%


How this would work Out?

You deposit an amount of 10b in a bank in a town.

You assign a worker, a single cycle will take 15days to complete

At the end of 15 days you recieve 20% of 10b i.e 2b as passive income [Which is very low, compared to other activities, but hey its AFK money]


Just like how a real bank would give you interest money for making fixed deposits and keeping money in the bank, so would the bank in BDO.

This could work further into a money loaning system but it may become too complex given the massive player base.

This however locks your money for 15days so if you're planning to buy your PENs and TETs you might wanna think over :D



Just an Initial thought, hope PA takes this into consideration!








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