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How I earn CPs - Episode 4
ThenFallenOne 2021-03-07 15:16
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Hi fellow adventurers, welcome to episode 4 of the guide. Hope you'll have a wonderful Lunar New Year & Valentine Day, I will be sharing what I do to increase my CPs. In each series, I will be covering the method I used to increase my CPs and also some personal opinion on it.


How I earn/farm CPs Series

Episode 1 Introduction
Episode 2 CPs by Questing  
Episode 3 CPs by Cooking / Alchemy 
Episode 4 CPs by doing dailies <-- You are here



Caphras - Journal of Glory - may refer to Grumpy on how to complete the quest.


CPs by doing Dailies

In order to maximize the EXP, the Caphras- Journal of Glory is a must!!


Difficulty Rating

Basically, dailies are very repetitive. I spent about 2hours ++ daily to complete the dailies. I set the difficulties as 3.5 stars as not everyone would want to spend the hours to complete the daily everyday. I usually clear the following dailies as below:


- Calpheon City Contribution

- Duvencrune Contribution

- Star's End Contribution

- O'dyllita Contribution

- Kamasylvia Contirbution


Beware, the contribution quest is very bored even I also would skip it sometime. For all the above contribution, you need to complete some pre-requisite / chain quest in order to unlock the contribution quest.

Disadvantage You may lose silver per hour while doing the contribution quest. Grinder and life-skills may be able to get a few hundred million within the 2 hours. 



That is for my 4th episode on getting CPs by doing dailies. If you have any other thing would want me to test out, feel free to let me know and I will have a look at it.

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