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+10% Life EXP Buff from Krogdalo Donkey Gear Guide
Poliwhirl 2021-03-08 17:54
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Hello Guys, This is "Poli" from "Chris Poli Channel", I will share my Update Video on our Official Website Forum, so you can access my lastest video just by click on my share message in-game, so Enjoy every Information & Content that I provide


This Post about Life Skill Buff from Dream Donkey (Krogdalo Donkey Gear) Guide



First thing you must do is unlocking Papua Crinea Island Content


To unlock Content from this Island you must finish Lamute Gang Adventure Journal from Book 1-2-3 and 4-5


There are 5 Book we need to finish.

- Book 1 is story introduction about Lamute Gang

- Book 2-3 is story about Papu side

- Book 4-5 is story about Otter side

- When you finish book 1, you can continue book 2 and book 4 at same time.

- To get book 3, you need to finish book 2

- To get book 5, you need to finish book 4


to finish Book 1, You can follow my video guide here:


Then Continue to Book 2: (Papu Side Story)


Then Continue Book 3: (Papu Side, Story Finish)


and for Otter Story start from Book 4:


Then Continue to Book 5: (Otter Side, Story Finish)


After you finish all this Lamute Gang Adventure Journal, you will unlock Daily Quest at Papua Crinea Island

You can check on "Quest Page" (O),

then "Recurring" Tab,

and go to "[Lv. 58 Grandiha & Papua Crinea 0/14]" there are 14 Daily Quest you can finish Every day, to collect material for crafting Krogdalo Donkey Gear


For detail guide doing Daily Quest, you can follow my "Papua Crinea Daily Quest Guide":


After you get enough material to crafting Krogdalo Donkey Gear,

Here Guide to craft them:


After you get all 5 psc Krogdalo Donkey Gear, you can enjoy 10% Life EXP buff for 1 Hour, and this gear permanently yours, you can use it anytime you want.



- You don't need to enhance this Krogdalo Donkey, even you enhance it, that Life EXP buff will not increase.

- If you enhance this Krogdalo Donkey Gear, that just add more stat for your donkey (Speed, Accel, Turn, Break, Health, Stamina)


you can ask me in game (Family: "Poli"), or comment on this forum, or this video comment section if you have any Question

Just Stay tune on Chris Poli Channel, I will update detail guide again in future

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