Awakening Guardian PVE add-ons guide
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Hello BDO Sea community, this will be my first time writing a guide about Guardian, I would appreciate any feedback regarding my guide since there might be a bunch of things I overlooked.



  Awakening Guardian PVE add-ons guide 





Guardian Awakening is a decent choice when it comes to PVE. She has good pack to pack mobility, decent damage, low cooldown on damaging abilities, good pulling abilities, and easy to pick up.  


In this guide I will be talking about the PVE add-ons for Awakening Guardian. On the February 3 update, skill add-ons got a revamp. You're now able to apply skill add-ons to 6 skills regardless of Succession/Awakening. This was good news for Awakening Guardians since majority of the skills used for grinding are in the awakening stance. 



Guardian Skill Add-Ons




These are the list of the tiers of the skill add-ons and the tier levels of guardian's abilities. 

Courtesy of Guardian discord's  Cai#6888


The tier levels of both the add-ons and abilities shown in the picture above will help us to make skill add-ons tailored for our needs. The higher the tier level, the greater the buffs or debuffs applied. Now that we know the skill add-ons and the abilities and their tier level, we can now make our own set of skill add-ons.


This are the list of skill add-ons I use and my reasoning for using them.



Axe Throw (Tier 2) is a niche add-on for me. The only time I have ever used this add-on is when I grind Star's End to stagger mobs, but most of the time you won't need this add-on.

I put movement and critical hit damage add-ons on Searing Fang (Tier 2) since this will be the last ability I use in my combo. Searing Fang is one of Guardian's abilities that deal devastating damage. I use this as a finisher for mob packs along with it's flow. Since this is the last ability I use for a mob pack, the critical hit will help in ensuring that you deal the final blow and the movement speed add-on will help in moving from pack to pack.


God Incinerator (Tier 2) is used in the middle of the combo. The huge AOE and the number of times the ability hits will help ensure in applying a DP debuff to mobs. The Critical hit damage will also help in clearing mobs faster


Cleansing Flame (Tier 2) is one of Guardian's abilities that doesn't have a critical hit rate modifier. At this point you will probably have 10 stacks on Dragon's calling, if you have 5 critical hit rate and the 20% hit rate add-on modifier, assuming critical hit rate is additive, you will have 90% critical hit rate with this skill. The attack speed add-on will also be useful in refreshing your previous attack speed add-on.


Claw reveal (Tier 2) will help bump up your damage with it's Critical hit damage modifier. Adding an accuracy and critical hit damage modifier will be helpful as a pre-combo preparation ability.


Fireborne Rupture (Tier 2) is also a part of your pre-combo preparation abilities. Using this ability will give you +20 AP bonus, adding Monster AP and attack speed will help you combo into your other skills faster and will give you more damage against mobs. 



These are the skill add-ons the I currently use, these are far from being the Best in Slot add-ons but these are the add-ons that work for me and how I play Guardian in a PvE setup. Experiment with the skill add-ons have create something that suits your playstyle the most. Good luck and have fun adventurers!











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