Starting fresh in BDO SEA (coming from BDO NA)
Counsel 2021-03-22 10:53
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I'm coming from BDO NA and will have a fresh start over in BDO SEA. I was heavily invested and started playing since headstart so it sucks having to start over. I don't even know where to start now tbh. I was not a siege player but had good enough gear imo (299/302/322NV and 284/287/332KT). I should probably quit but I still enjoy playing the game. I'll most likely be a casual player - maybe start streaming lol


Anyway, I wanted to get some idea about the community:

- How 'P2W/P2Convenience' is the community?

- How often are costumes/pets/value packs posted in central market? 

- What country are the majority of the players located? Anyone know?

- How come base and "common" items are scarce in the market? (potatoes, wheat, spirit stones)

- Where are you from, do you experience latency issues/desync? I believe servers are located in Singapore

- What do you think the average gear score is?

- How small/large is the population?

- Is there a roleplay channel? Calpheon 2 for NA

- Most played/least played classes?

- Does RBF fill up often? I notice very small numbers (have not seen it fill up to 60 or have multiple RBFs open)

- What gear do players prioritize? (AP, DP, etc) I've heard NA players prioritize AP, EU players tend to prioritize DP

- How active are wars? Politics heavy?

- I notice people use the roleplay channel a lot more than channel chat but I'm in the Season server lol


Feel free to post questions/comments etc.


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