How many from NA/EU/Other servers?
TomYum 2017-11-01 21:00
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Edit Date : 2017-11-01

As title says how many are from other servers now switching to SEA? 

What class would you be starting/picking first? 

Nickname TomYum
Main Character -
going wiz, coming from NA
Im from NA too. Most likely going striker or mystic if its out.
Wonder will SEA be getting them at launch.
I'm from NA but play EU and live in SEA lol

I'm going to start again with my Tamer but Witch is nice.
From Korean server here.
Maybe I'll try Ninja in SEA if they provided it at launch of course.
Coming from NA - DK and Striker will not be available. Look for DK in 6 months and Striker in 9.
RandomGuy, has it been confirmed that we wont get the latest patch with DK / Striker?
can na play here?
FeedbackTopicHow many from NA/EU/Other servers?

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