How many from NA/EU/Other servers?
TomYum 2017-11-01 21:00
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Edit Date : 2017-11-01

As title says how many are from other servers now switching to SEA? 

What class would you be starting/picking first? 

Nickname TomYum
Main Character -
going wiz, coming from NA
2017-11-01 21:31
Im from NA too. Most likely going striker or mystic if its out.
Wonder will SEA be getting them at launch.
2017-11-01 21:46
I'm from NA but play EU and live in SEA lol

I'm going to start again with my Tamer but Witch is nice.
2017-11-02 09:18
From Korean server here.
Maybe I'll try Ninja in SEA if they provided it at launch of course.
2017-11-02 10:10
Coming from NA - DK and Striker will not be available. Look for DK in 6 months and Striker in 9.
2017-11-02 12:33
RandomGuy, has it been confirmed that we wont get the latest patch with DK / Striker?
2017-11-02 17:57
can na play here?
2017-11-02 21:13
FeedbackTopicHow many from NA/EU/Other servers?

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