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[Event] Free Classic Outfix Box
Freyara 2021-03-28 15:22
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Hello guys, this is your supporter Freyara, today let's talk the on going event

[Event] Cherry Blossoms in the Black Desert World


As Spring arrives in the Black Desert world, so do the Cherry Blossoms! ✿

Do you think you know the best spots for watching them bloom...?✿

If so, take a screenshot and share it with us for rewards!✿


As you walk through BDO world you will see lots of cherry blossom tree near the city

it is the on-going event right now that is collaborated with spring season.

to join the event you just need to take a screen shot of your character near the trees, make sure the cherry blossom trees are in the frame.


now let's talk how to get pretty pictures in BDO

1. set your BDO graphic to remastered mode

to do this you need to open your setting - display setting - display quality - pick remastered mode)


2. find a spot that you think the best to take a picture, the best spot for me is near heidel since all the cherry blossom trees are linear in line

make it so good to take a picture with.

3. Press Ctrl + U to hide all the UI from the screen

4. take a screen shot, make sure to take a lot so later you can pick which one is the best to be posted in forum



after getting the best picture now you need to post it in forum to do this just follow this step

1. open the official BDOsea website :

2. go to community

3. select forum

4. in there click screenshot / clip in gallery tab

5. click post

6. input your title - Your post’s title must start with [Cherry Blossoms]. (Required)

7. post the pict.


Event Rewards


Event Rewards

Grand Prize (Three Winners)

[Event] Classic Outfit Box x1

Participation Reward (All Participants)

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x1


[Event] Vibrant Peach Flower Draught x2


[Event] Heartwarming Spring Draught x2

* The event’s participation reward is limited to once per Family.

* You can receive both the Grand Prize and Participation Reward.


you can click this link to see the example of the pict


it is mine, would be gratefull if you can like and give it a commend, thanks,

good luck everyone


REMEMBER !!! put the title  [Cherry Blossoms] on yout post or it will not be counted

happy event-ing

Hu Ha !





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