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( Newbie tips ) From bottom to top!
Icykle 2021-04-07 20:24
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Awakening/Victory Selection 

If you shut down by 56, you can receive AwakeningQuest through the Black Spirit.


Awakening is a new class-specific weapon that can use new skills in style.

Victory isused with existing primary and secondary weapons, along with powerful damage and somenew skills.


For first-timeers, you can complete Awakening and VictoryQuest and continue yourhunt with a wake-up weapon rather than a mission.

The reason is that The Victory Skill consumes too many skillpoints, so you may not be able to enjoy the victory properly.

Master 1300 face hunting required/assisted skills based on awakening 60 reps

1800-2000 Hunting Required/Secondary Skill Master based on 60 reps

(To the developers: request to lower the skill point of the victory)



Well, I know some of you already know this. ( THIS IS FOR OUR NEWCOMERS )






* 56-61 level up *

If you're awakening/winning, you'll need to grow to 60 and then stamp your skills to 60.

If you have a 530, you can continue to use the 530 and if you don't, you can use the combat experience.

( If you choose to take a victory, we recommend that you use it as a skill experience rather than a combat experience. Select a technical experience order from the orders you pay each day)


And you're going to need 5 pets to startyour hunt.

3 ques completed with connecting events, 1 occasional event, 5 in total, easy and easy to pick efficiency.


< Hunting Place Picks >

Hunting from 56 to 60 is a good place to quickly increase skill points, collect lots of money, and have a lot of monsters with faster experience growth.

Characters have mover skills, fasteruse and speed, and the more carricks youcan cut, the better.

Here you'll find character-specific hunting place recommendation analysis and an introduction to hunting.

(out of 5 stars)




Pros: It's just all good ( easy to find hordes of monster because of the environment )

Cons: First-ranked hunting place before the top hunting place // Frequent pvp // Frequently sold // Too many people // Hate mushrooms even in reality // Becomes a black forest, not a black shield


Do party up with other players for fast exp grinding, but if you're into SP grind. You could just go solo.


take note: Polly forest monsters are still the best to grind SP points, espescially if you could literally easily defeat them!



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Noted n ty so much sir/ma'am.


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