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Just be your self! No need to rush!
Icykle 2021-04-08 21:23
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Hello lads!


I’m sure there are going to be a lot of new and returning players.  To everyone, welcome!  I wanted to post this short guide regarding pitfalls players face when starting out or to those just coming back.  BDO is a HUGE game and quite frankly isn’t like many other games out there.  A lot of things can seem daunting at first so I hope this can alleviate some of those concerns!

For starters, new players welcome!  Glad you’re here and I hope to see you guys in game.  Veterans, welcome back!

Starting off and Returning to Basics:
One of the biggest things to understand about BDO is that it is very limiting on a “direction” when initially starting off.  You will get introduced to the very basic quest system and simple key controls however, once you do a few quests the game will slowly stop providing you with what to do next.  (Think of other MMO tutorials or Mobile game starter tutorials). 

The biggest thing about BDO is that it’s heavily focused on YOU and self-discovery.  I think this is the first pitfall a lot of new players face when starting off.  There is just an insane amount of information thrown at you and it gets very overwhelming.  I initially came into BDO with the thought of having a cookie-cutter type initial experience and then progressing from there, wrong.  Do not take this lack of guidance as any sort of failure from the developers.  This is more so a hurdle to understand at first rather than overcoming.  The more you take time to learn the different features of the game the more you can take advantage of the various systems and find some type of path you would like to follow.

Information in this game, like I said, is insane.  So what should I do?  Simple.  Go slow!  A majority of players that I have met over the years get so burnt out quickly or overwhelmed in such a short amount of time because they have this urge to have to reach top tier ranks or the meta player base.  This is not an incorrect mentality to have, we all want to be there, but when it comes to actually playing this game and enjoying it, following this rushed path will result in you quitting in a few months, if not sooner. I’m not saying don’t have a goal or feel like you shouldn’t progress, I’m simply saying take it easy.  Returning vets this applies to you too!  Treat the game like taming a wild animal.  You can’t just rush in and expect things to go smoothly.  The efforts you put in will be shown in the long run.  Top ranking players didn’t get there in a matter of weeks or months, that’s just a fact.  Top gear players didn’t get that in a matter of months.  Everything takes time, so don’t be afraid to go slow.

What should I focus on?

Whatever it is that you want to try out.  Truth is that you aren’t constricted into doing anything in particular.  Play how you want to play!  BDO is a marathon, not a race.  Your gear will come with due time.  Your money, ranks, whatever will all come with time.

So take a deep breath and get comfy, it's time to go on an adventure.  See you guys in-game!


If you have any question, don't hesitate to pm my family name. ( Cykia )

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Edit Date : 2021-04-08

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FeedbackTopicJust be your self! No need to rush!

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