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Miyukihana, one of the ladies I know on BDO SEA
Veonya 2021-04-09 17:40
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Edit Date : 2021-04-12


There are no GIRLS on MMOs!


Just Guys IReal Life playing on BDO SEA they say..............


These are just a few of the extra ordinary ones I knew thru the SUPPORTER event and the guilds I been in.


Sorry ladies, I don't know you that well to write proper. If there's a mistake... forgive the dear 140 yrs old shai, ok?


It was around end of 2020, NMS was seeking guilds to Alliance/Merge with. Seeing an recruitment ad on server chats brought me to <REMINISCENCE> discord.

Guild was very friendly with active chats on going, discussions were held . I had days of trying to understand the guild prior to the discussion via Miyukihana aka YUMI as we call her.



She and Nostalgia(GM of Remi) were a couple from Maple Story prior to joining the game, had some issues of a Guild leader who bosses other around before creating this guild.. which shares the same name as their former guild on Maple Story.

Long story short, alliance was out but I decided to stay in this guild a bit as I saw a sincere player trying very hard to build a friendly community.

Not just by words but they would literary play almost a whole day to ensure the needs and wants of guildies are met.


Anyone who have been in the guild or associated themselves with Yumi will see a person who is true to oneself, someone will take time time to PM/DM u if anything she feels has offended us, someone who will go all out to help if she can.(even non guldies)


She plants FORTS daily though we only fight 3 times a week... daily planted so we the guild can have better payouts from nodes.

She runs the sea content daily.

Discord was also her domain of charge.



This young lady was like a Mother to us all, we the babies contantly pampered hehehe

Tired as she was... we sometimes call her a BOT and always ask her to sleep...........

OH YUMI, sleep! was a command that could trigger her wrath (WARNING)


This is the only girl whom I admire so much I gave an ang pow this year... Including courier to her the gifts I got from PA.

AS we always ask for RNG from her, I gave her all the  Black Spirit dolls!



Came 03/2021 a months before the 1st anniversary we decide to revamp the guild leadership.. So that our Mother can rest and focus her efforts in more important areas..

Target was to have enough active members to have a fun siege by end March.



Mission was completed as well.


So happy Birthday to your Baby, dear NOSTALGIA and MIYUKIHANA


09th April 2021 is today. Happy Birthday <REMINISCENCE>


doors are always opened.
Requirements to JOIN guild:
✓ 600+ Gear Scores / 400DP Shai
✓ Nodewar players and sailors are welcome to join
✓ Active/Socialize, friendly players and loyal to guild
✓ Active in discord to keep in updated of any guild activities
✓ Basic English, Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese communication.
✓ Mature and respect guild members
✓ Active participation guild activities ( guild quest, guild bosses, node war, etc. )
✓ Voice chat during Node/Siege war or Khan ( no mic is fine )
Best of Journeys, Yumi and Nic!
Thru both of you, I shall have wonderful REMINISCENCE
Toffee of Florin

Character Name Veonya
Main Character Shai
Lv 62
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