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What should you do this week? (14APR2021 Patch)
Minutes 2021-04-14 11:53
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Edit Date : 2021-04-14

Hi Everyone, I will cut straight to the point what you should be doing for this week patch ( including a bit patch note and mostly event quest).


Once Acitivities
1. Login Sage and get rewards in challenge (24th Mar ~ 28th Apr)
2. Level Sage to level 60 (24th Mar ~ 21st Apr)
3. Level Sage to level 62 (24th Mar ~ 19th May)
4. Vell spawn (15th Apr 4pm)
5. Take a screenshot in Finto Farm (14th Apr ~ 21st Apr)


Daily Activities
1. black spirit adventure ( 3 rolls )
2. stay login for 6 hours
3. Daily oasis Quest from Black Spirit
4. 2021 Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival! (7th Apr ~ 21st Apr)
5. Grand Cooking Festival in Finto Farm (14th Apr ~ 28th Apr)


Extra Activities
1. Life EXP +100% until Artisan 1 (7th Apr ~ 21st Apr)
2. Defeat monsters, gather, or fish to get [Event] Traces of a Festival (7th Apr ~ 21st Apr)
3. Koi and Golden Sea Perch Fishing at Terrmian Beach (7th Apr ~ 21st Apr)
4. Combat,Skill,Life,Energy Bonfire Buff! for 120mins (14th Apr ~ 28th Apr)


Here's video version.

Character Name Minutes
Main Character Witch
Lv 62
# 2
Edit Date : 2021-04-14

* Reserved for extra event that gonna add in later this week*

Character Name Minutes
Main Character Witch
Lv 62
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