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Odore`s Spirit Essence - MP Permanent Potion
LastMystic 2021-04-16 04:06
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Hi Adventurer`s!


I created another guide for Odore`s Spirit Essence - Infinite MP Potion. I`m pretty sure some of you have heard it but confuse on how or where to start. This guide is for new/returning players! :) ( I personally don`t have it as well, But im trying to get the 3 pieces for it.)


What is Odore`s Spirit Essence ?

-Ans : Odore`s Spirit Essence is a treasure in Black Desert Online[Sea]. It is a rare treasure that give`s you MP/WP/SP which can be use by all of the class. It is permanent once you acquire and can be use after every 6 seconds. You can appreciate it`s worth with/without having a fairy with Miraculous Cheer and the convenience as you dont have to buy anymore MP/WP/SP pots at the NPC everytime you run out of it. It also saves you weight limit in your character as it only consumes 50LT.


 mp potion effect


How to get the Odore`s Spirit Essence?

-Ans : In order to get the Odore`s Spirit Essence you will have to kill specific monsters and gather for it till you get the 3 potion pieces needed. You can get the 3 pieces in any order so you can choose anywhere from the locations you want to start.





Tshira Ruins - Duvencrune Territory Recommended AP : Above 140 

- It is said to be dropped by Leaf Keeper, Vine Keeper and Grove Keeper. (Pot Piece : Markthanan`s Gland)


Markthanan`s Gland


Navarn Steppe - Kamasylvia Territory Recommended AP : Above 210 (Pot piece : Valtarra`s Clairvoyance)

- it is said that in order to get this piece is you need to use a lifeskill tool : Tanning Knife. This is regardless of how many mastery you have as long as you are tanning the correct monster. Higher tanning mastery helps but it is not guaranteed that you get it. It is still RNG . :D 



Manshaum Forest - Kamasylvia Territory Recommended AP : Above 240 

- It is said to be dropped by Manshaum Shaman. (Pot piece : Narc`s Crimson Tear)




Additional Materials to complete the potion:



night crow

complete mp



If you want the HP Unlimited Potion guide just click here. This will redirect you to the official website of Black Desert Online[SEA].



~Good Luck Adventurers~





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Edit Date : 2021-04-16

PS : I`m not used to writing guide`s. Let me know if you have anything to add on this one. Thank you! You can Pm my family name : Rosendahl. Any feedbacks will be highly appreciated.

Character Name LastMystic
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