Solving Caphras Market on the long run
BIighter 2021-04-18 03:15
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Right now, the way I see the devs solving caphras market is to introduce short term wins by giving out free caphras bundles through events or quests.

However, there might be an easier way to solve this problem in the long run by buffing simple alchemy processing with ancient spirit dust. 


Right now, 5 ancient spirit dust + 1 black stone will only give 1 caphras. 

However, why not make the proc based on mastery instead? Higher mastery levels can proc up to 3 caphras per (5 ancient spirit dust + 1 black stone). This would incentivize more players to get higher processing skills or reward players who already have high mastery in processing. In the long run, more and more lifeskillers will see selling caphras as a way to earn quick cash, and hence solving the supply market of caphras, not just in SEA but in all regions. Hope the devs sees this :D


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