[Cooking Festival][SEA] Come From Heaven
Kanonsama 2021-04-20 06:47
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my shai came down from heaven to visit the cooking festival



My Shai : Today I came down from heaven to learn to cook at the cooking festival at the Finto Farm



Uncle Igor Bartali : Did you have a fun day? what have you cooked?
My Shai : This is all my cooking, uncle! ^o^ david finto taught me



Uncle Igor Bartali : Can anyone eat a roasted kuku bird?

My Shai : I can, uncle! ^o^

Uncle Igor Bartali : Are you sure?
My Shai : Of course, in heaven usually I can eat 10 roast cows! ^o^/



Uncle Igor Bartali : You look so happy, what happened?
My Shai : This milk shake made by Uncle Edman is so delicious, for some reason after I drink this milk, I can't stop laughing :"D


My Shai : After I was tired of laughing then I ate again, Aunt Olivia's cooking tastes so TOP MARKOTOP!



My Shai : After that, i played music together until morning, hahaha!




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