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Black Spirit Adventure Board Tricks and Tips
Kotonemi 2021-04-24 20:50
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Edit Date : 2021-04-24

Hello Fellow Adventurers, I have a few Black spirit adventure tricks to share. Hope you like them. 

Trick 1: Infinite Double Dice. 

Step 1: Step 1 use (3,3) Dice at the start of board 1 to get (2.2) Dice

Step 2 Use the (2,2) dice that you acquired at the start of the next board to get (3,3) dice


Step 3 Repeat endlessly!!!

Trick 2: Repeat Special boards Over and over. 

Step 1: Always Save your Pace of Delight- One square Arcana Cards. 


Step 2: On Board 1 and Board 3 as soon as you exit From the special board use the card to hop onto the next square with is a '-1' hence putting you back into the special board.


Hope you liked the tricks I use and Make sure to post yours in the comments below. 
Happy Grinding.

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Edit Date : 2021-04-25

pay money more trick?


GLHF Doki the madoki Shai

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