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Teleport from Olun Valley to Star End
IAerialI 2021-04-25 23:45
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Hello Adventurer!
Have you wonder how long can we teleport on Black Desert Online?

Or someone announce FREE STAR END SPOT, but you are too far away from it because you are in odraxxia?

Well. Today i will show you how to teleport from Olun Valley to Star end



1. Mount (Horse / Donkey / Mini Elephant)
2. Traveler's Map

3. [Oasis] Traveler's Map

4. Already open all odylita and Calpheon node


Okay, After all the preparation. 
Time to Execute it!!

Step 1:
Go to this area with mount 


Mini Map


Step 2:

Go until u meet invisible wall


Step 3:
Run toward invisible wall and get out from horse until u see restricted area


Step 4:
Time to use your first Traveler's Map and choose "Behr" from the option


Step 5:

You will be arrive at Behr


Step 6:

Open your other Traveler's Map and choose "Calpheon Northwestern Outpost" from the option


Step 7:
You will arrive at Calpheon Northwestern Outpost


Step 8:

Do your thing at Star End!



-This way only work when u have diffrent Traveller's Map and not in cooldown
-This way only work as long oasis still there

-This way only work as long New region not come yet

Thanks for reading my guide. And goodluck on your travel
See yaa. #143




It is a "Feature"

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