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Life of Bartering A to Z Guide
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Greeting adventurers, today I'm going to cover for the Life of Bartering A to Z Guide progressively. Do note that, what I'm going to share is based on my own personal opinion and setup I currently have. if you looking to build a ship.. you may click on the link below for the step of Bartali boat/Sailboat/Frigate/Caravel/Galleass/Valor/Volante version.


1. Great Ocean Ship making process part I - Bartali Boat

2. Great Ocean Ship making process part ll - Sailboat

3. Great Ocean Ship making process part II - Frigate

4. Great Ocean Ship making process part III - Caravel

5. Great Ocean Ship making process part III- Galleass

6. Great Ocean Ship process IV-Carrack Valor/Volante


Introduction Life of Bartering Highlights

  • Barter by placing goods in your ship’s inventory and sailing close to the Barter NPC.
  • Weight management is important as you plan Barter chains. Barter goods can weigh 800LT to 1000 LT each.
  • Ships with greater Weight + Inventory will earn more silver. (Less time required for depositing goods on land.)
  • Available barter routes for sea trade goods are manually refreshed by you up to 2 times each day (3 with a Value Pack)
  • 4 hour limit between pressing the Barter Refresh button
  • Barter is also limited by “Parley” points. (Parley is refreshed daily and optionally with a Pearl Shop item.)
  • Barter Refresh Points refill every day at 06:00 UTC.
  • The Barter Routes shown will not change unless you press “Barter Refresh” button

Introduction Barter Basics


  • Barter Requirement: a Great Ocean Ship (Bartali Sailboat or higher tier ship… Epheria Sailboat, etc)

    Barter Routes are visible via the World Map. If there is a Barter available, it will show over the island or NPC. But, it’s easiest to use the “Barter Search” button to get a detailed listing.

Barter Requirement : Acess Barter Routes thru with Esc > Life > BarterAccess Barter Routes via Esc > Life > Barter.

Barter thru with World Map (M) > " Barter Search " button in the bottom right corner. 


Introduction Barter Chain / Barter Routes

The Barter Search window will show you available Barter Chains or Barter Routes. You start with items you have gathered or prepared on land and transfer them to your ship’s inventory.

BDO Barter Search & Refresh Menu

Land Goods are Required for Barter:

For your first Barter, you will want to look at the land goods required to obtain a [Level 1] Sea Trade Good.

Most of the land goods are obtained via rare procs from worker nodes.

View a full list of Land Goods & Quantities for Barter.


Full Level 5 Barter Chain:

  • Land Goods → [Level 1] → [Level 2] → [Level 3] → [Level 4] → [Level 5] → Crow Coins


Or an example Level 4 Barter route for less Crow Coins:

Level 4 Barter Chain for Crow Coins:

  • Land Goods → [Level 1] → [Level 2] → [Level 3] → [Level 4] → Crow Coins



Introduction of Bartering Basics Steps

  1. Place your land goods into your ship’s inventory via the city storage or your character inventory.
    • Goods placed into city storage (Velia, Port Epheria, etc) can be transfered to your ship’s inventory via the <Wharf Manager>.
    • Goods can be transfered from your character’s inventory to your ship’s inventory via the Ship Info window, by pressing P while behind the wheel.
  2. Sail to the Barter NPC and stay engaged with the ship’s wheel
  3. A barter UI will appear.
  4. Press “Anchor” and then “Barter”


Bartering Refresh Options


Barter Refresh erases the current Barter List and randomly gives you a new one.

The amount of Barter routes you obtain is dependant upon your completed Barter count.


Barter Refresh is limited by 100 Barter Refresh Points. (150 with a Value Pack.)

Refresh Count Refresh Points Needed for Regular Refresh Refresh Points Needed for Ship Material Refresh
1 Time 20 40
2 Times 40 50
3 Times 50 You can only use the “Ship Material Refresh” function twice a day.


5 Barter Refresh Options:

  • Trade Item Barter Refresh: Use 20 Barter Refresh Points to immediately refresh the list. (4 hour Cooldown. Limited to 2 per day or 3 with VP)
  • Trade Item Barter Instant Refresh: Use 50 Barter Refresh Points to immediately refresh the list, when you are unable to Refresh due to the 4 hour Refresh Cooldown
  • Ship Material Refresh: Use 40 Barter Refresh Points to immediately change all barters into ship material barters. These materials are used to upgrade to your next tier of ship. Each barter material has a required total barter count in order to have a chance to obtain barter routes for them. Ex. 3,000 total barters must be completed in order to start seeing barters for Brilliant mats. (There is a limit of two Ship Material Refreshes per day.)
  • Instant Ship Material Refresh: Use 70 Barter Refresh Points to bypass the Ship Material Refresh cooldown.
  • Reduce Refresh Cooldown: Use up to 50k Parley from one button press to reduce the Refresh Cooldown. (There is no option to choose how much Parley is consumed. You can press the button multiple times in a row, as long as you have enough Parley.)
    • 10k Parley for 1 minute
    • 50k Parley for 5 minutes. (1 button press)
    • 30 minutes = 300k Parley (6 button presses)
    • 60 minutes = 600k Parley (12 button presses)
BDO Barter Refresh Window

If you have an active Value Pack, you can recover 50 extra barter refresh points.

Barter Refresh Points refill every day at 06:00 UTC.


Ship Material Refresh

You can make the following barters after using the Ship Material Refresh function if you have a certain accumulated barter count. 


Accumulated Barter Count Item Given Item Received
100 One Level 3 trade good Fiery Black Stone x3 (you can do this 3 times)
300 One Level 4 trade good Frosted Black Stone x3 (you can do this 3 times)
3,500 One Level 5 trade good Solar Black Stone x1 (you can do this 1 time)
3,500 Gold Bar 100G x1 Solar Black Stone x1 (you can do this 1 time)
3,500 One Level 5 trade good Lunar Black Stone x1 (you can do this 1 time)
3,500 Gold Bar 100G x2 Lunar Black Stone x1 (you can do this 1 time)
5,000 Starlight Powder (amount will vary but will average 115) Sunset Black Stone x1 (you can do this 1 time)


Rare Spawns from Ship Material Refresh

  • Barters exchanging Crow Coins for the following items appear at a low rate during ship material barter.
    • Golden Galley Figurine (100,000,000 silver)
    • Golden Turtle Shell ( 70,000,000 silver)
    • Obsidian Crystal Bracelet (50,000,000 silver)
    • Elaborate Pearl Necklace (30,000,000 silver)
    • Gilded Coral (10,000,000 silver)

Barter Exchanges Limited by Goods Level

Exchanges Remaining:

Note that you can perform the same Barter multiple times while you are at the Barter NPC. You will have to multiply your goods by the “Exchanges Remaining” amount. Be sure to hover over the items and add up their LT. Your ship will need to have enough inventory and weight to hold multiple Barters.

Barter Exchanges (multiples of the same Barter at one time) is limited by the level of the goods being Bartered.

Barter Barter Limit Barter Item Given → Barter Reward
Level 1 6 Basic Goods → Level 1 sea trade good x1
Level 2 2 Level 1 sea trade good x1 → Level 2 sea trade good x1–3
Level 3 4 Level 2 sea trade good x1 → Level 3 sea trade good x1–3
Level 4 6 Level 3 sea trade good x1 → Level 4 sea trade good x2
Level 5 4 Level 4 sea trade good x1 → Level 5 sea trade good x1

It is common to have some left over barter goods, if you do every available Barter.


Barter Goods to Keep

Certain Barter goods are used to obtain a better ship. You may want to keep these in Storage/Alts/Wagons, if your goal is to upgrade your ship. Then it’s a waiting game, to see when your desired barter route will appear, after pressing Ship Material Refresh.

Barter Good Storage Tips:

  • Barter items can be transported at the <Storage Keeper>, although the price of transporting can get pricey. (It costs about 80k for transporting 1 [Level 5] Barter Good from Port Epheria to Ancado Inner Harbor.)
  • Level 1 and 2 barter items can’t be sold, so make sure you have enough inventory to store them, if that is what you want to do.
  • Level 1 to 4 of the same goods do stack.
  • [Level 5] goods do NOT stack, but you can sell extras at the <Wharf Manager> for 5 million silver each.
  • You can utilize character transport from city to city on an Alt. (Takes one hour. Esc > Portrait > Transport)
  • You can utilize character tagging. (Portrait icon on the top left) Tagged characters can hold barter goods. They will become severely over weight, but if you swap to them at a <Wharf Manager>, you may save yourself a trip, depending on your tagged character’s LT.
  • You can transport or sail an extra Epheria Sailboat/Bartali Sailboat to Ancado Inner Harbor for your Alt to use for your [Level 5] Barter Routes that spawn in that area. (Crow Coins and Barter Routes share across all characters.)
  • WARNING: Remote Collection of a ship (or any mount) with Barter goods on it will destroy the goods and your ship (or mount) HP/Durability. Any Sailors on board will get sick and will require a rare elixir to cure.


Barter Weights & Silver Value

 Barter Item Level LT Value
[Level 1] 800 can’t be sold
[Level 2] 800 can’t be sold
[Level 3] 900 1 million Silver
[Level 4] 1000 2 million Silver
[Level 5] 1000 5 million Silver*
Crow Coins (80 to 600)
[Level 5]
1000 10 million Silver

Barter Weight (LT) and value is determined by the Barter item’s [Level]. The most treasured item is obtained at the end of a Barter Chain, when you exchange your [Level 5] item for Crow Coins.

* It’s important that you hang on to your Crow Coins and NOT spend them on a whim. It may be tempting to buy a compass, for example. But some materials that are needed to upgrade ships are quite rare and you may find yourself using Crow Coins for those.

For a detailed guide and listing of available items you can purchase with Crow Coins.



Barter Land Goods

There will also be Barter options that are not part of a Barter Chain. This often includes items that are needed for ship upgrades. For example, a common one is the “Old Moon Guild Carrack” exchanges for tree sap.

These lands good barters often give items that are in the Land Good List for [Level 1] Barters. So chances are, you will see a Barter Route open up to request the given item.


Silver Profitability:
Land Goods for Land Goods can be profitable, if you sell what you obtain on the Marketplace. But be sure to do research on each Barter option, because supply/demand and pricing changes all the time with game events, etc.


Barter [Level 1] Sea Goods for Black Stones


Any [Level 1] Barter item can be exchanged on land for Crow Merchants Guild’s Barter Voucher. You will need 120 of these in order to obtain a higher tier ship.

  • 1x [Level 1] Barter item = 1x Crow Merchants Guild’s Barter Voucher
  • This Voucher is exchanged to Ravinia, located at Crow’s Nest.
  • 1x Barter Voucher = 1x  Verdant Black Stone
  • Verdant Black Stone is used for guaranteed enhancement of +1 to +10 on Old Prow, Old Plating, Old Cannon, and Old Wind Sail.

Transporting Barter Goods to Land Npc

Barter items are heavy. For exchanging to Ravinia’s sisters on the mainland, boost your Weight Limit.

  • Seafood Cron +100 LT
  • Draught +200 LT
  • Shai class: 600 LT base (additional when leveling up)
  • Traders Clothes (+100 to +400 LT) or Hercules armor set bonus (150 LT) – Herc armor allows for LT crystals
  • Gear Socket Crystals: +15 to +75 LT each (Ex. Gervish)
  • Asula Belt (+100 LT)
  • Root Treant Accessory 5-Set Effect (+100 LT)
  • Loyalty/Pearl weight upgrades

Opening More Barter Routes with Barter Count

Additional Barter Routes are unlocked, after you complete a specific number of Barters. Opened Barter Routes aren’t available until after Barter Refresh.


Material Barters:
More material barter routes open up as your Barter Count rises. This allows you to trade barter goods for materials used in ship parts and ship upgrades.


[Level 2]
Materials for upgrading to Caravel/Galleass
Enhancement material for up to +5 ship parts

[Level 3]
Materials for ship parts.
Enhancement material for +6 to +10 ship parts
Materials to upgrade to Caravel

[Level 4]
Materials for Carrack

[Level 5]
Brilliant Materials for Carrack


Special Barter

Special Barter allows you to trade for a large amount of Crow Coins and other goods. You have an RNG chance to obtain high value Special Barters. View some of these in the table below. Some Special Barters you will want to avoid, but some can be very helpful for upgrading a ship.

Player reports seem to be all over the place with RNG as to how often Special Barter spawns and which ones they get.

The islands that have Special Barter will display a gold badge on the World Map (M).

You will see the items you can exchange through the Special Barter, only when you have reached the relevant island.

They do not disappear after Barter refresh and stay until you complete them or there is an option to skip a Special Barter.  (If you have a Value Pack activated, you can skip remotely.)



Barter More with a Value Pack ( Recommanded )

Value Pack (30 Days)

Barter Buffs from an active Value Pack:

  • If you have an active Value Pack, you can recover 50 extra barter refresh points. (Your points reset to 150 instead of 100.)
  • Allows 1 extra Barter Trade Refresh each day (3 instead of 2)
  • Parley cost decreased by 10% for each Barter.
  • Remotely check or skip Special Barter via the Barter Search window, so that you don’t have to travel to the bartering location.

Barter with Parley Points

We start with 1,000,000 Parley Points that are depleted upon each completed Barter.

  • There is a Parley cost for each Barter you do. (Shown in the Barter Search window.)
  • Even if the node shows an available Barter, you must have the required Parley in order to complete the Barter.
  • Parley fills up to 100% and is refreshed each time you press the Barter Refresh button.
  • Parley Cost decreases as you gain levels in the Barter Life Skill and Barter Mastery. See Parley Chart below.
  • Parley cost decreases by 10% when you have a Value Pack active
Barter Type Parley
Most Barters (no Barter Mastery) 14,286
Old Moon Carrack 14,286
Derko Island 36,420
Berimi Island 21,650
Halmad Island 29,430
Hakoven Island 43,780
Lantinia’s Combat Raft 46,544
Pakio Combat Raft 46,544
Shipwrecked Cargo Ship 46,544
Incomplete Ship 46,544
Shipwrecked Ancient Relic Transport 46,544


Barter with Parley Points Replenishing Parley Points

Crows Trade Voucher is the only item that restores Parley. (Besides pressing “Barter Refresh”)

The voucher is created from an item that’s not easy to obtain except via the Pearl Shop, Node Wars, and Dark Rifts.

Processing (L) > Manufacture of 1 Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) will provide 1 Crow’s Trade Voucher. Since October 21, 2020, you can also Manufacture Crow’s Trade Voucher into an Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min).


Crow’s Trade Voucher
Restores 250,000 Parley

Obtain by Processing > Manufacture:

 Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min)

Crow’s Trade Voucher:

  • Adds 250,000 Parley
  • 4 hour Cooldown
  • All Parley refreshes after you press “Barter Refresh”.
  • Using Crow’s Trade Voucher will not increase over the maximum allowed Parley of 1,000,000.
  • NOTE: [Event] Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) will NOT work to create a Crow’s Trade Voucher.


That for my guide on Life of Bartering A to Z Guide.  Feel free to drop a comment here to share for your starting progression. This would be good for beginners to have more options or general ideas for the start.


I hope you enjoy your reading of the series!




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Great guide, keep up the good works.


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Very detailed guide, those who are new or about to start bartering kindly follow the guides, everything that you needed to do barter are here.

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