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Nova Succession Efficient Grinding #SoftCap #PVE
Pikayuh 2021-05-10 13:52
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Nova Succession is basically one of the tanky class with a lot of super armor skills and easy to use frontal guard.

I don't wanna talk too much but, as soon as you finish your succession quest and have enough Skill Points for your Prime Skills around 1500SP, you can easily perform combos.

Using your Quoratum just hold your shield up all the time, when grinding always watch your Health Points (HP) this is very essential.
Remember to watch your stamina when you are moving around hitting mobs.
Use Punishing Trap Skill to Fastly Manuever from one place to another.
Spam your Prime Distorted Guard for Extra Buff such us Grapple Resistance, Critical Hit Rate and Additional DP and take advantage of its HP recovery.
Don't forget to activate your PRIME:PASSED PAWN skill to summon your Axian, by doing so Shield Up by Pressing Q, then hold Shift+Space until Axian Animation appears, anyways you can't summon axian when your HP is lower than 40% instead it will go berserk and passively attack any enemies around you.
So basically with your hp lower than 40% you can hold your shield up while your axian do the attacks, you can perform combos while you are at this state for fast clearing.

Put it in mind that most nova succession skill have super armor buff and resistance buff be creative while using nova you might discover something else

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