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Philosophical Way 2 Remain Calm In Toxic Situation
HCLWarrior 2021-05-16 11:30
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Edit Date : 2021-05-16

Hi Guys. Welcome to another Ethan "Ronaros" Gong's Philosophical Guide. Why i call myself Ethan "Ronaros" Gong? Because i ve grind mobs there for months and still couldnt get the infinite potion part from there. And how about you guys? where is your favourite grind place? what is your favourite way to spend your time in this beautiful BDO world created by Pearl Abyss?


Im sure no matter how you play your game, there will be a moment when you experience/meet someone/other players who are very toxic and disturbing your peaceful life in BDO. Just like me here, after posted 2 Philosophical Guides earlier, some toxic players and haters already swarming around me by spreading lies and badmouthing me. Thats how this THIRD PHILOSOPHICAL GUIDE born!! I want to help everyone who experiencing toxic situation in their gaming life in BDO have ideas on how to DEAL with that kind of situation.


Firts, Toxic players, Trolls, Haters, or whatever their names are, doing whatever they do to get attention. This is the key to remain calm : its by not giving them any attention they are looking for. Also in this Game Feature there is a BLOCK/IGNORE feature everyone can use. For example, i ve been using this feature in Lunar Halo INN to block every spammers, chat flooders, trolls, etc. I have total of 21 BLOCKED players in my block list right now when im typing this PHILOSOPHICAL GUIDE. SO, you need to prioritize your focus!! No need to give your focus on/to something/someone not important!


Second, you know yourself better than anyone!

Some players especially newbies probably have fragile mentality that makes them offended easily by anything they heard/read. You need to understand those words from other players mean nothing for you. Those toxic/trolls/haters are nobody. They are not your family, not your friends, not your teacher, not your stepbrother/stepsister, not your boss in your office, not your clients, they are nobody. So, should you worry and paying attention to everything they do/say? You decide !! No one can hurt you but yourself!!


Third, enjoy BDO as a game, not as a place to build your self image!

When someone have too much pride in a game, it will make them vulnerable. For example, in Group Chat where im always active, there are players who try so hard to impress other players by sharing their debateable and not-so-accurate knowledge about BDO. When someone with better knowledge and experience came and argue his/her teachings, they ended up fighting and arguing. And this is my daily routine there, as one of the wise and mature player, to stop those players from fighting in chat.

The point is, you are you, people are people. You cant make everyone agree with you. And you are free to disagree with other people. And to debate or fighting for agreeing or disagreeing with something, for me its childish and not good for mental health.


Why im creating this THIRD PHILOSOPHICAL GUIDE, it's because i want new players to not pay attention too much to toxicity in their surroundings when playing this game. Just focus on having fun and enjoy the game!


I hope this Guide is Helpful and Useful for you Guys! My source of ideas when writting Philosophical Guides came from watching Chats in the game. I talk about the most relevant issues that BDO players experiencing in game. Something like Sociological Examination on Daily Basis in BDO WORLD. Lastly, if anyone hate this PHILOSOPHICAL guide and started spouting nonsense like it was copy pasted or anything like that, its very simple, just give LINK to the original version, dont forget the time and date too.



Character Name HCLWarrior
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Edit Date : 2021-05-16

"Not too much toxicity in their surroundings when playing this game" Yet you are the one to create toxicity. Good job :D

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Edit Date : 2021-05-16
On: 2021-05-16 14:46, By: RavenxXx

Good fight but this video was a footage from around 1 week after sage released. Still a level 59 with incomplete prime skills (not eniguh sp) and only tagged weapons without armors for saving silver, no addons, and no crystals, because i was still figuring out if sage is worth or not. You can see how i have so many experience buff activated. Still leveling to 59 to 60 And the actual fight was around 3 hours including from this node to thornwood node, where you finally left and i continue grinding there.

if you interested to make another video, i always grind arsha ronaros for now, you can come and say hi also record more videos.

Character Name HCLWarrior
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Edit Date : 2021-05-16
Are you a licensed professional?

Character Name Saisho
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Edit Date : 2021-05-16
You said before that you were not affected by anything. Yet you created this thread, what an oaf.

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Edit Date : 2021-05-16
I thought ded game? What were all those spam on chat saying bdo is ded game for? to hell wid dis bipolar crap lmao

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Edit Date : 2021-10-17
On: 2021-05-16 16:27, By: Saisho
Are you a licensed professional?

Toxic lifeskiller, still toxic in this community, Really Nice right Meiyo? :D

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