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Beginner Tips!
SooyaaKim 2021-05-18 19:16
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Black Desert Online is a massive online game and it can easily overwhelm you with its plenty choices and selection of things to do, This beginners guide will help you ease into the early stages of the game.

The first thing you will wonder is what class should you select when creating your character.

Best Beginner Class

Choosing the right class for you is a very personal decision. Do you like complexity or simple? Speed or slow and heavy hitting? What’s important to someone else, you may not even think about. Ultimately, you will end up playing the class you enjoy the most, no matter what this guide tells you.

For beginners to BDO, looking for the easiest class to play, many recommend Witch or Wizard. There are several reasons for this:

  • Easy key combos: you can Chain Lighting all the way to level 50. (Hold Shift + Right button)
  • High & Cheap Sustainability: Beginners have to worry less about using up precious inventory and weight limits on buying and carrying Mana and HP potions. (Pots are very heavy.) They are more free to focus on obtaining loot and using silver for gear. They have several spells that almost instantly regenerate health and mana.
  • Magic Lighthouse: a spell that turns a monster’s attention away from you and reduces their defense. This can help beginners, who probably have lower gear scores and need to save money on repair bills and pots.

Another bonus for beginners who choose Wizard or Witch, is that they have a good reputation for being strong in both PVE and large scale PVP. Some people hate this class because they say it’s boring, and others love it.

I suggest you play a class that looks fun to you at least until level 56. At level 56, all classes get a new set of combat skills after their Awakening. If you don’t want to go through the leveling process to 56, you can test out a level 60 of that class with a Trial Character.

Trial Characters

Testing Out a Class
Trial Characters allow you to try out a class to see if you will like it near end game.

  • Max 3 Trial Character slots. (This is separate from the Standard slots.)
  • All Trial Characters are level 60
  • 4,000 Skill Points.
  • Trial Characters can only enter a PVE cooperative tower defence mode called Savage Rift or specific PVP areas: Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha. No Savage Rift rewards.
  • NPC Haz in Battle Arena sells Trial Gear for 1 Silver. (You are given 100k to spend.)
    • Arsha’s Chest (powerful gear set gives 255 AP, 305 DP)
    • [Battlefield] Instant HP or MP Potion (XL)
    • Certain [Battlefield] buffs can’t be used in Arena of Arsha: Exquisite Cron Meal, Giant’s Draught, Perfume of Courage, Body Enhancement
  • Trial Character Limitations: Can’t impact Family Fame. Can’t do normal activities like Attendance Rewards, In-game Mail, Challenges (Y), Node investment, and Guild Bonuses.

P.S There are alot of tips and guides around, feel free to check out other Supporters' more detailed tips and guides for Black Dessert Online.

Disclaimer: These tips/guides might already be posted, no copyright intended. Lets all have fun in this fun yet challenging world of Black dessert online!



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Very nice beginner tips Sooyaa! Looking forward to read more from you.




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Happy to see such articles n guides by a real new friend of BDO SEA or a returner??


GL Kiyoki!


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