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Naval Fame & Sailing Ship PVP Point System
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Greeting adventurers, today I'm going to cover for the Naval Fame & Sailing Ship PVP Point System. Do note that, what I'm going to share is based on my own personal opinion and setup I currently have. if you looking to build a ship.. you may click on the link below for the step of Bartali boat/Sailboat/Frigate/Caravel/Galleass/Valor/Volante version.. if you need some idea to barter please click below the link!


1. Great Ocean Ship making process part I - Bartali Boat

2. Great Ocean Ship making process part ll - Sailboat

3. Great Ocean Ship making process part II - Frigate

4. Great Ocean Ship making process part III - Caravel

5. Great Ocean Ship making process part III- Galleass

6. Great Ocean Ship process IV-Carrack Valor/Volante

7. Life of Bartering A to Z Guide


Introduction Naval Fame & Sailing Ship PVP Point System


Naval Fame is a PVP point system that pirates have to keep a close watch over.

If your Naval Fame is below 0, you will be severely limited in your access to sea-related content.

  • Maximum Marine Fame: 300,000
  • Maximum Pirate Fame: -1,000,000

Defeating sea creatures will increase your Naval Fame, while attacking other adventurers and their ships as a pirate will reduce your Naval Fame.

Naval Fame is applied to your entire family.

Pearl Abyss has stated they are currently preparing future contents so that different roles can be played by adventurers in Naval Fame without being unfair to one particular side over the other.


  • Naval Fame
    • Naval Fame is shared by family, and measures the adventurer’s Karma at sea.
    • Naval Fame begins at 0, can be restored up to 300,000, or fall to -1,000,000.
    • If your Naval Fame is greater than 0, you’ll become a “Navy”, and if lower than 0, a “Pirate.”
    • Each time you force PvP by attacking an adventurer, your first attack will reduce your Naval Fame by -50,000.
    • Destroying a ship reduces your Naval Fame by -200,000.
    • Killing an adventurer, after destroying a ship, will reduce your Karma not Naval Fame.


  • Pirate Penalties
    • While in pirate status, your ship will be marked in red, allowing you to be attacked by the ships of adventurers without activating PvP mode.
    • You can no longer ride the Guild Galley if your Naval Fame is in pirate mode.
    • While in pirate status, you won’t be able to interact with, repair or supply your ship through normal wharf managers. You will only be able to repair and resupply your ship through Gafur, the wharf manager of the pirate-ridden Kuit Islands.


  • Restoring Naval Fame
    • You can restore your Naval Fame by defeating Sea Creatures.
    • Hans of Velia restores Naval Fame to Adventurers who bring him supplies hidden at the Coastal Cave. Quest: ‘[Repeat] Hidden Item’
    • Your Naval Fame is affected by Guild Skills, Pet Skills, Tear of Repentance, and other Karma Recovery effects. However, your Naval Fame is not affected by the Book of Repentance.


Introduction Sea Monster Naval Fame Score List


Lekrashkhan : 5300

Large Battlehip : 1800

Saltwater Crocodile : 1700

Violent Sea Monsters : 1700

Candidum : 1450

Nine Shark : 1450

Black Rust : 1450

Medium Battleship : 1000

Sea of Silence Ghost Ship : 1000

Ocean Stalkers : 850

Hekaru : 850

Nineshark/Young Candidum/Black Rust : 850

Small Battleship : 350

Hungry Monster : 280

Young OS/Hekaru : 280

Margoria Phantom Ship : 0

Cursed Pirate Ship : 0



That for my guide on Naval Fame & Sailing Ship PVP Point System. Feel free to drop a comment here to share for your starting progression. This would be good for beginners to have more options or general ideas for the start.


I hope you enjoy your reading of the series!




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