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Make Targeting Mobs Easier for your Rare Treasures
Kotonemi 2021-05-23 08:27
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Hello BDO Adventurers.
I am sure a lot of you are trying to get your Rare treasure pieces. I am here with a tip to help make the grind very slightly less painful. Each treasure piece is dropped only by one or two mob types in each zone. For example, if you were trying to Acquire The Sherekhan Panacea from Protty Cave Only Zera Protty drops the piece. So if you were ok with slightly lower money per hour for a higher drop chance you could target and prioritize Zera protties and kill as many of them as fast as you could. One Could make this task easier by using the Mob targeting feature in BDO. 

Step 1
Press H to Open the Knowledge window in BDO

Step 2
Navigate to Ecology category


Step 3 
Navigate and find the mob that you want to target in this case Zera Protty

The mobs are categorized based on the region that they are in. Hence use that knowledge to find them faster.

Step 4
Press the target button on the top right corner of the tab. 

Now the Targeted mob type should appear yellow on your minimap making your life easier. 

Limitation: There is a limitation to this method. you can only target one type of mob at a time so it might not be that efficient in zones where you might want to target multiple Mobs.  Here I suggest that you target the mobs which are difficult to identify at a glance. For example at the Ronaros Forest, I have been targeting Ronaros Guardians as they are similar to the Ronaros scouts in color meanwhile the other mob which drops the piece, Ronoros Catcher is accented with bright orange and is easier to spot. 

You can use this method for other purposes too the only limiting factor is your creativity. And if you are a sea monster hunter They are under Ocean creatures category in Ecology of Valencia. 

Happy Hunting.

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Edit Date : 2021-05-23
Nice ty

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