Naru and Narchillan gears guide
Anankeh 2021-05-24 17:45
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Hi there, this guide is for beginners and returnee adventurers who didn't catch up to the previous event "Seasonal Event".
You guys can still get gears that equivalent to duo-tri Blackstar gears it is called the "Narchillan" gears.


You can get those by doing the main questline of your newly made character.
I suggest that you finish the first main quest until the end of the Mediah main questline because along the way the questlines will give you the "Naru" gears and "beginner black stones" to enhance the Naru gears.


All you have to do is collect all the Naru gears (armors and weapons) then enhance it all to pen. Naru gears are not hard to enhance it has a high chance of enhancement rate, you can even tap it to pen without any fail stacks. After you pen the Naru gears and finish the main quest lines until Mediah, take the quest to Fughar and exchange the Naru gears to Narchillan gears.

Fughar is near the stable manager in any town in-game. The Narchillan weapon is sealed by the box so make sure that the character you were putting the Narchillan gears is going to be your main because the quest can only be done once.


*See the pictures below for the gear looks like*


(Naru gears)

(Narchillan gear)


(Beginner blackstone for naru enhancement)








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