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Quick tip for starting Elvia Questline[TIME GATED]
LunarVell 2021-06-02 11:51
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Quick guide to starting the Elvia Questline for the AP and DP


1. Need to finish the previous Elvia questline first to be able to accept it. (Under Suggested Quests)


[Elvia] Elvia Realm: Dark Knights and the Ahib


2. NPCs for the [Elvia] Dark Knights and Ahib quest are Named NPCs located around Glish. Need 270 energy to take all the items, can be done on other characters too

(Didn't screenshot when doing but essentially they are NPCs with names in <> above their heads)
i.e. <Alchemist> Freharau , <Armour Vendor>, <Stable Keeper> etc.


If you are missing 1 last piece check the basement, theres a NPC in the room to the left of the Kamasylve Tree

- Puzzle pieces form an Eye in the centre.

3. Kzarka Boss fight should be done with 3 people, don't think its possible to solo as you have to DPS down the boss within 7 mins.
- Did it as a party with 2 people 280+ ap 1 270+ ap and we were left with abit more than 1 min (With full buffs running)
- Kzarka has a ONE HIT ATTACK, watch out for the announcement when he gets low (~30% HP)
- Deaths are safe, however spawning safe zone is not recommended as you might run out of time.


Finally, after finishing the first Kzarka boss fight, you have to wait 7 days before you can take the next quest


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