[Mine] Chillax Spot
Gajon 2021-06-02 19:16
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Acher Guard Post Big Stone Spot


Yeah, I called it Acher Guard Post Big Stone because this spot is just a big bad stone nearby Acher Guard Post, haha.

This is the site for me to rest a bit after a long Narc's Crimson Tear's grind session.

Flourishing trees and towering mountain of Kamasylvia, the vast and immesurable sea of Margoria that can be seen from afar is like a clarities for our convoluted mind.

Spare some time to enjoy the appealing world of Black Desert Online.


Take some rest my fellow Grinder.

Character Name Gajon
Main Character Hashashin
Lv 62
# 2

boringg no headset for u

Character Name AthenaMinerva
Main Character Nova
Lv 61
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