[Mine] Favorite NPC Morce The Powerful Cat
GeraltOfRivlA 2021-06-07 00:39
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This Man get me back on my feet!.

after my 20days VP issue then getting tired at grinding, i almost quit the game but this man is my man.
They say its all RNG but it all start on npc's exchange and maybe he sees that its my last chest to open when i exchange a shakatu chest n just openning it right after the exchange he give me a TET Ogre ring like WHAAAAT TET Ogre ring?. its like a dream cometrue by newbie players even my brother is jumping out of joy! :D
so for me this guys is dope n ofcourse all thanks for RNGesus! now im starting to get hype ingame again :D

so best story/npc for now!


anyways this is my entries for the event hope u like it! :D


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