[Mine] Sentimental spot
LunarVell 2021-06-08 01:35
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This screenshot is an image of Sausan Garrison. To many, this is just a beginner grind spot or simply a spot that could be skipped over when levelling however to me and my friends it's a place of great sentimental value. 

When we first came back to BDO in 2020 after quitting in 2018, we looked up many guides on levelling and they recommended Sausans as a levelling spot. At that point, we couldnt kill Sausans on our gear at all and we had to do them as a party. Even in a party we had alot of trouble killing them and took alot of damage from the mobs. We really had alot of fun trying to avoid the mob attacks while killing them together in order to level up.


Some of these friends have now stopped playing the game and this spot was my best memory with them, playing together, laughing together and enjoying ourselves.

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