[Mine]Favorite NPC [Deve Love]
HunyBunny 2021-06-09 17:52
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Deve: the storage keeper in Altinova and my favorite NPC. I also don't know why but he was the most memorable character even now I still remember the first time I met him when I  first started playing this game back in 2018. 



I think I liked this character, not because of his smooth pick-up lines but how he talks. His accent reminds me of my friend in real life. Well, to be honest, his pick-up lines too hahaha. 





Deve: keeper of the Altinova storage. He can also keep your worries for you <3



Well as soon as I got the good gear and stuff I haven't visited him a lot anymore because I'm always busy gearing: 

But at least Deve will always be in the Altinova storage where I could visit him whenever I want to :3

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