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[Episode 4] - Horse Capturing Spot
ThenFallenOne 2021-06-13 21:18
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Hello adventurer, today I will be sharing the spot where you can tame the horse. Do note that whatever I'm sharing now is based on my own research and my experience learning in the game. Hope that this sharing will bring some benefit to the reader. If you have missed out on my previous guide on the horse series, I have enclosed the link for your references.



[Episode 1] - Introduction of Horse in BDO

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Horse Taming Spot

What I'm about to share is the spot capture from somethinglovely. To be honest I have not ventured to all spots which what I'm about to share. Basically capturing horse are RNG base which ranging from T1 to T5 horse. As far as I know, horses from Druvencrune is all T4 - T5. I had not captured anything lower than T4 in Druvencrune. The image below doesn't point to the exact location of the horse but it's nearby. Just use the below as an estimated indicator and try to move around within it. Do remember that wild horse will not appear near the monster. So if you are able to see monster which means you are far away from the spots.

Image from SomethingLovely


My horse capturing spot

Druvencrune usually my horse training spots. So it's normal that I will capture the wild horse nearby and trained there. The highlighted are usual spot in which I capture the horse. Each spot has about 3 horses ranging from T4 - T5.



That all on my sharing on the wild horse spots. If you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to comment and I will replies whenever available. Thanks again and see you on my next sharing.

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