[Mine] Favorite NPC & Stalking Attempt (❛ ︵ ͡❛)
Osella 2021-06-16 02:07
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Edit Date : 2021-06-16

[GM] Black

Everywhere when you participate in an event, there is an NPC always there waiting for you to complete the task.
No matter the day, night, rain, or sweltering this NPC will still be there watching the adventurers struggle through obstacles.
Through this event I would like to give my respects to [GM] Black, you are my favorite NPC.
by the way can I see the face in the mask ?
( ◡ ‿‿ ◡ )

This is my 1st time i meet you
Then my little kiddo shai passed by and stopped out of curiosity about your mask.

and I ask people to follow you

ahh too crowded, maybe next time... 

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