Heidel Ball, The State of Shai, and blahblahblah
Wrichny 2021-06-20 02:56
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We (Yes, we, the Shai Community) have been so patient about these situations, about the state of our class. We do not want to be OP. We do not want to be able to one-shot other classes. What we need is just so that our class to be more viable. And yes we had hope in that, we have hope that there will be changes and balances to be done in our class so that it will become more viable. However, sadly we do not have the answer we need, especially in this latest event, the Heidel Ball.


There is a lot of what Shai as a class has been lacking. Yet, we have been waiting in silence, try to keep it up with what we have and be good at what we lack off. However, this turns out to be having the opposite effect of what we actually thinking. We were hoping for good changes, but what we do have is people admiring us being able to grind as efficiently as possible and not dying to mobs, then label us as TOP PVE Grinder. Nah, we Shais are the low-tier grinder. We done fewer trashes per hour compared to other classes, even those with lower brackets. We lack mobility, and so on. 


With the recent event happening in NA and EU (AOA) it seems that the team has been listening to the Shai community and I was actually kinda given some hope that some good things will come to our class. Yes, we were given 100% crit rate for our 3rd skill in 1-2-3 and better flow for GO. While it might seem to be cool on paper, but in practice, it does not do much. The change was not even addressing the issue what our class has.  But we still believe that changes will come. However, in the Heidel Ball, they mention that some soft-revamp will be done on 17 classes, yet Shai is not one of them. It was such a big bummer for us. If the team actually thinks that Shai is in an OK condition, we would gladly tell you, No, we are not, we are already insignificant in PVE, yet the more significant classes are getting more significant.


As you read this, you might also think, "wait isn't Shai a lifeskill class? Go back to your kitchen and start doing those lifeskills!" .If we are lifeskill class, why would even give us some combat skill in the first place, why even create this class? This class exists, and we do exist as a Shai. Some might would say "Bro, just re-roll to another class". We are not even given the chance and possibility to tag our Sol to another awakened weapon, even not able to tag our sol to another Shai, nor to sell it to the market. Oh and lastly, we are not a buff bot. Even if we want to be, our buffs are still meh, compared to some classes which have better buffs and kit than us. And even this class not only can buff but actually partake in doing dps as well.


Lastly, I would like to thank Pearl Abyss and the team for actually making a Shai class, which we actually love and care about so much. I hope that this will raise the awareness of the team. We want some assurance that our class is gonna be ok. We do not simply want to have a leap of faith without knowing what's in it for us. We understand that fixes are not done in a day, and nerfs might be happening on the way. However as we live in the present, we cannot be hanging on a thin thread without knowing where this class is meant to go. We are currently standing on uncertain ground.

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