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Tired of Losing Your JIN Crystals to Mobs?
Kotonemi 2021-06-24 16:08
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Hello, Grinders,

We have all been there where you blink for a split second and you are dead without even realizing it. Now you wait for the dreaded death message to tell you that you lost 3 Hoom and 5 JIN Vipers in one death somehow. 
This technique can be used if you are sure that you will die a lot, in cases like when you are trying to learn a new spot like Oluns, and eventually you are going to get the hang of it and not die as much. Or even if you are a person that just dies a lot for no reason this method could help you cut your losses by a large amount.
The solution is very simple, You use the tag System. But Doki, How is that gonna help? you ask.
The trick is to Only tag your Armors which is a constant cost of 200m no matter what armors you run. Let me now explain in detail. 


Step 1: Transfer All your gear except your weapons to an Alt character. 


Step 2: Now Tag Your Alt Character to your Main character. 

Step 3: Copy the Gear on your Alt Character back to your main character. Since you are not copying Weapons the cost of copying will be minimal. Which is 200 Million Silvers.

As you can see, No matter what gear you have it will always only cost you 20 Marni's Unstable Fuel. Which are 10 Million each. 

Step 4: Go out and die without any worries about breaking your Armor Crystals. Since the copied gear has the same crystals as the Original and any crystal breaks on the copy are not reflected on the Original. When you are finally done with learning and are confident enough that you won't die you can just untag and move all your gear back to Main. 
Or, If you are not yet ready and you have broken too many crystals you can always untag and re-tag to get a fresh copy of the crystals Which is gonna cost you way less than the price of a single JIN Viper Crystal. 

NOTE: You will still need to be careful about breaking your weapon crystals but I have noticed that weapons tend to have a cheaper variant of crystals which are almost on par with their BiS counterparts when compared to the options on Armor. 
Also, remember any crystals you add to the copied gear will disappear once you untag so Don't slot a New JIN viper on your Copied Gear. 

Hope this helped, And let me know if you have any questions or corrections. Happy grinding.


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