Unable to claim season pass rewards
GingerPig 2021-07-01 12:07
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Hi guys, anyone doing the Special Growth having problems with claiming the rewards from the season pass at Edan, stay out of this - Artifacts of the Naga? I read that Artifacts of the Naga was supposed to be unlocked at Chapter 3, FYI I am already at Chapter 9 of Fughar's Memorandum, and I've already talked(W) to the black spirit to complete the quests.  I originally did the traditional way instead of special growth on a previous seasonal character, but when I found out I could just do the Special growth( was spamming R too fast with Alustin before), I deleted that seasonal character cause it only takes 3 min, and made a new one with the same name. But now the season pass rewards is stuck on the reward where my previous seasonal character last unlocked...

Character Name GingerPig
Main Character Sorceress
Lv 61
FeedbackTopicUnable to claim season pass rewards

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