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BIG UPDATE ENHANCING- A Game Changer or "The End"?
Villanova 2021-07-09 07:37
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Could this be a Game Changer or "The End"? 

well I hope a game changer :)


A great help for new player indeed, but HOW BIG IT WILL IMPACT THE ECONOMY?


See some detailed on my new video


A Big update is coming about Enhancing

1. Seems like the stack has been lower

2. You can create Stack from Black Stone Directly

3. Reinforcement window reorganization: Added early stack exchange using Black Stone.

4. Increased Dragon Scale Fossil Utilization: Increased drop rate and additionally placed exchange NPCs

5. Expansion of the Black Stone supply and demand method of the frozen waves: You can definitely strengthen the East Tubala.

6. Priest Ottavio Ferre's visit: Now clean the equipment right next to the blacksmith.



A translate Update from Korea


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Edit Date : 2021-07-10
The end if they just up rate, feel sad old player try hard with cron :(

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