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Easy Way To Farm Your Cooking Materials.
Kotonemi 2021-07-24 21:15
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Edit Date : 2021-07-24

Hello Lifeskillers and Novice cooks, 
Everyone needs some cooking materials like Onions, Garlic, Peppers and Hot Peppers which you cant gather or obtain from nodes. While you can buy them from the market, most of the time they are sold out and farming for them is your only option. While you can farm up with special seeds which you breed and only harvest the extras, that might not be the most effective way as you would want a steady supply of seeds to ensure that you can harvest every crop that you plant. Like most things in lifeskills the solutions lies with a vendor in calpheon.

Step 1: Park an alt character in Calpheon city near the seed vendor Ahr. You can find her using the NPC search and is located here. 

You should be able to spot the Seed vendor in the field of flowers.


Step 2: Buy as much seeds as you need based on the number of plots you are using. Ahr contains White quality seeds for most plants that you might need to farm. 

Step 3: Run to your nearest Marketplace and place the seeds in your warehouse, Based on the number of inventory slots in your alt you might have to do this with multiple runs. 

Step 4: Run your farming alt over to the closest marketplace vendor and collect the seeds from the warehouse. If your farms are close to calpheon city they you can skip the entire step of having an alt and use your farming alt to do everything. but most people prefer Velia/Loggia farm as their location for farming plots hence making this a very convenient method. 

Good luck Farming and Lifeskilling.

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Edit Date : 2021-07-24

Hi Koto,


Do you mind showing me map location and screen of where the ideal farm plot area is in Velia/Loggia? I've had my farm plots in Calpheon city from the start as I cook from there. Thanks!



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