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Gathering Guide for Beginners
MayJin 2021-07-27 16:34
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This is a guide for gathering for beginners.

In this guide I will be going over what gathering is , what type of gathering there are available in game , and 

what you can do with the gathered resources.

Before going over gathering , you need to
 know what is MASTERY.

Like the action combat has Attack and Defense to boost your character.
Life skills have mastery. Higher the mastery , better the yeilds.

Mastery is provided by different type of gears and accessories.

These gears are seperated in 3 different grades.

Green / Loggia  (Basic)

Orange / Manos (Best).


Green and Blue and accessories can be purchased from Material vendors in Major Towns.

Orange/Manos gears have to be crafted.

Some manos gears like Butchering axe , Tanning knife , Cooking clothes etc can be exchanged with Imperial seals. This will be discussed further in an upcomming cooking guide.


All of these gears can simply be purchased from the Central market.



Mastery is also obtained by leveling up your lifeskills.

Life skill mastery is affected by both your gear and life skills levels and it produces different additional effects accross each category.

You can view all types of Life skills and your current mastery across all categories in the Character Information tab which can be viewed by pressing (P).

Gathering is further broken down in 7 different categories.

(As I have mentioned in a prior guide , each type of gathering will take 1 energy per attempt. There is a 30% chance of not using energy for gathering if your gathering level is Master 1 and up.)



Lumbering involves Equpping a Lumbering axe and interacting with a tree to obtain timber.

Timber is mainly used to create Trading Crates in workshops in Towns. You can also sell them on the Central Market.

Timber is heavy , hence needs a lot of weight capacity in your inventory. Only do Lumbering if you have a lot of weight (LT).



There are different types of fluids that can be collected , two most common fluids are Tree saps and Blood.

By equpping a Fluid Collector and interacting with a tree will give you tree saps , and interacting with a dead animal will give you its blood.

There are different types of bloods which are categorised into Blood groups.

Blood Group 1: Wolf, Flamingo, Rhino, Cheetah Dragon

Blood Group 2: Deer, Sheep, Goat, Cow, Pig, Ox, Waragon

Blood Group 3: Weasel, Fox, Raccoon

Blood Group 4: Bear, Troll, Ogre

Blood Group 5: Worm, Lizard, Bat, Kuku

Blood is mainly used in ALCHEMY. It is important to know which Blood type to gather as different recipes require different types of blood.



Hoe gathering is the most versatile gathering as you can gather multiple different types of resources by equpping a Hoe.

Follwing are the resources that can be gathered with a hoe:

a) Wild herbs

b) Grains

c) Flowers

d) Fruits

e) Fibers

f) Underwater Corals

Hoe Gathering is mainly used to gather Wild Herbs.

Gathering wild herbs is the best gathering EXP gain in game.

The amount of gathering EXP that is gained depends upon the number of different types resources obtained in a single gathering attempt.

Wild herbs has the highest chance of giving mulitple different types of resources in a single proc.




You can gather meat by equipping a Buchering knife and interacting with a dead animal.

Just like Blood , Meat is categorised in different Meat groups.

Meat is mostly used for cooking. Many different meats can be substituted for one another in several recipes. Further information will be given in upcomming cooking guide.



Equpping a Tanning Knife and interacting with a dead animal will give you its Hide.

Hides are mostly used to craft costumes in workshops in Towns.



Equipping an Pickaxe and Interacting with different Ores and Rocks gives you its respective resources.

For example , Interacting with Copper will give you copper ore and a chance of acquiring rough stone.

Mining is mainly used to gather Rough stones as it is needed in several different things , mainly Cooking utensils.



Empty Bottle can be purchased from any Material vendor.

Standing in a water body like a river or sea and right clicking on the Empty Bottle will start the process of filling up the bottle with the respective water.

Empty Bottle is a one-time use item , so buy them in bulk for continuous use.

Water scooping is a continuous gathering process , which means once you start the process it will keep on going until all the bottles are filled up or until it is too heavy for your character to go on.

A similar type of process is available which is called DIGGING.

This type of gathering can only be done in the desert.

You can buy a shovel from any material vendor in Valencia Territory and start digging by right clicking on the shovel and standing on Desert Region.

Just like Empty bottle , you will have to buy multiple Shovels as it is a one-time use item.



Gathering is Influenced a lot by Mastery.

Higher the Mastery , higher the number of resources gathered.

Keep in mind that not all life tools give you mastery.

Only LOGGIA, DOSTTER AND MANOS life tools give you mastery.


There is an NPC called Norma at Northern Wheat Plantation near Calpheon that gives Life tools in exchange of 50 CP.

These Life tools have 200 Mastery. But , 50 CP can be used in a better way hence taking these tools is not recommended.



Mastery is indicated in ''Item-effect''

For beginners , getting a Full  TET Loggia Set is recommended , from there you can build up to blue and orange grade.



TIP: Enabling Mouse to move can help you gather things from a distance.

Hover your mouse over a gatherable resource and right click to get the gathering option.

Thats it for this guide ! I hope this helps you in getting started with Gathering.
If you are looking for more information on mastery , there are better guides available on the forums , which also help you in building your gear set for Lifeskills.
Thank you for reading and good luck.




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Thanks for the guide!

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On: 2021-08-17 13:20, By: Xeos

Thanks for the guide!

No problem Xeos , i hope it helps :)

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