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Atoraxxion Boss Guide
LunarVell 2021-07-27 23:29
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Atoraxxion Boss Guide

Hi Lunastryke here~ I'm back with another guide, this time on how to clear BDO's new dungeon Atoraxxion! There's many available guides online on how to clear the various quests and puzzles on how to get to the boss so I'll only be focusing on the hardest part of Atoraxxion, the final Boss Fight! 

For those who prefer to watch a video of the mechanics to learn, you can watch a short 12 min video that I've made here! Else read on!


This guide was made pre patch on 28/7/2021, as of the new patch you no longer lose crystals on death in normal dungeons and the strategy of stopping when the boss is around 35-40% in phase 2 no longer works. 



There are 3 phases in this boss fight, the hardest being the 2nd phase. If the 2nd phase is done well, the 3rd phase should be no issue for most players.I’ll be referring to the phases by the names below.


First phase, Synchronisation Phase


- In this phase, you need to get the 2 bosses to 50% health at the same time.

- However, you can only damage the bosses after you kill the Cetus that spawns, within the white circles.

- You can get the white circles to spawn when you hit one of the lighted up towers at the front of the chamber.

- Each tower hit spawns 2 white circles which disappear after awhile. 

- If the 2 bosses come close together, or their HP does not reach 50% at about the same time, they will heal to full. 

- Mobs will spawn and if they touch the bosses, they will heal them to full



- Refer to the image below, 2 people per team, each team pulls their own boss to each corner at the same time and DPS it

- Remaining player is in charge of pulling the spawning mobs and killing them within the white circles

Phase 1 layout

- Player incharge of pulling the spawned mobs has to hit the towers to spawn the white circles

- Only hit 1 or 2 towers at a time as the circles despawn. 

- Watch the sky for signs of mob spawning. Structures will appear and shoot lightning down when they spawn mobs



- When the system message appears, you will start doing damage to the boss 



- Watch out when you reach about 55-60% hp for the boss, make sure the health of the other boss is about the same and that the player pulling the mobs has just killed a mob in the white circle before going all in on DPS. 


Second phase, Colour Phase:


- In this phase, you do very little damage to the boss before all the coloured pillars are destroyed. So focus on staying alive at the start and avoid hitting the boss before he summons the pillars

- You have to walk near the coloured orbs summoned and pull them to the correct coloured pillars. It takes around 3 of the same coloured orbs to destroy a pillar. 

- Destroy all 4 pillars to do greatly increased damage to the boss

- There will be floating rocks that will explode if you touch or go near them, these rocks knockdown and do alot of damage. They are the main reason for failure in the 2nd phase.

- There will be lightning hitting the ground, it does alot of damage too, watch out for them.

- Make sure you uncheck < Remove Faraway Effects > in your settings to see the colour of the pillars from far away


Phase 2 danger



- Focus on staying alive and waiting for him to summon the coloured pillars

- Dont run when pulling the orbs to the pillars and constantly look back to make sure the orbs are still following you

- Its fine if there are multiple different coloured orbs following you, the pillars will only absorb those of the same colour

- Once all the pillars are destroyed, run to him and buff up with Z and E buff to DPS him down. (Once you see the white system message, you can go all in and DPS)


- STOP WHEN HIS HP REACHES AROUND 35-40% (Between the icon and the A in Apex) This is to make your Phase 3 much easier. Wait for the next round of colour pillars to be destroyed then go all in and DPS him. Save your E and Z buffs for this moment. (Thanks MariaC for tip)

- As of 28/07/2021 patch changes, this strategy no longer works



Third phase, Lava Phase


- In this phase, the boss stomps and summons permanent lava that will damage and kill you, so you need to DPS him down fast


- If you followed the instructions in Phase 2, you should start this phase with the boss at around 10-15% of his health left which makes your job much easier

- Immediately gather with your party in a corner like in the image below, and wait for him to walk to you. 

- DPS him down when he is in the corner and change to another corner when the system announces that he will be stomping and summoning lava.

- Essentially a damage check, but should be pretty easy if you followed the instructions in phase 2. 


If any of the information in this text guide is unclear, feel free to watch the Youtube video that I made above, or comment in the comments below if you have any tips to share and make this boss fight easier for everyone!

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide helped you~




Thanks to my guildmates and whomever who helped me on the way in the dungeon, and special thanks to MariaC who taught me the strategy for clearing Phase 3 easily.


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