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[Atoraxxion] Season Vahmalkea ULTIMATE Guide
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Welcome to the Seasonal Atoraxxion Guide >w< If you're reading this, you might've heard that Atoraxxion is dummy hard from friends! However, Seasonal Atoraxxion Vahmalkea is actually SUPER easy if you're well prepared~! >:3 Here's a guide to help you before you start your first Vahmalkea journey with friends! :D

[Update] July 28, 2021
Atoraxxion Nerf @ - @

1. Completed [Invitation from I] Invitation from I
2. Level 57 and above and completed either Succession or Awakening Questline (Whichever unlocks first)


Step 0: Before Entering Atoraxxion - Vahmalkea
Before you even start the Atoraxxion Questline, make sure you maximize your gains by following the stuff here! >w<
Fughar Seasonal Quest
1. Get the Weekly Quest from Fughar & Daily from Jetina (PEN Accessory Burning Moonlight Powder) :3
2. TET Weap with TRI Tuvala Gear and above please xD (PEN Tuvala would be optimal ofc)
3. Prepare 20k Agris Fever Points. (Will be explained later)

4. Enough silver for potions and repairs >w< (No Maids allowed inside)
5. Four friends you can trust~! >:3 (An experienced player in here would be helpful)

Alright! Let's enter Vahmalkea! >:D



Step 1: Entering Atoraxxion - Vahmalkea
If you fulfill the above requirements, summon the Black Spirit and start the [Atoraxxion] SOS from Yaz questline!
Things you'll need:
1x Gold Bar 100G (Storage Keeper)
49x Fire horn (Hunting/Central Market)
49x Trace of Despair (Heating Krea: Manes Hideout, Tulem in Altinova/Central Market)
49x Powder of Flame (Nodes/Central Market)
49x BlackStone Powder (Grind Black Stones/Central Market)
49x Clear Liquid Reagent
Alchemy/Central Market)

Once you got everything prepared, just start the questline! ^^ To craft Talibre's Tear (Key) you just have to heat the five 49x items together in L > Heating.
This Questline is per character, so you'll have to complete it once for any character that wants to enter. The Talibre's Tear also only allows entry for ONE character ONCE.



Step 2: Vahmalkea - Vaha's Sky & Vaha's Storm

So you're in Atoraxxion with your buddies >w< What now?
The questline's pretty simple, so I won't expand. Your Objective in this Zone is:
1. Clear the Puzzles in the MQ as a team.
2. Summon mobs with the Gateways and kill the Elite Mobs, which will give you Vaha's Cold Fang.

You stand under the Floating Glowy Cubes (Eternal Gateways) and cute soft mobs appear and tickle you :3
Until you notice Elite Mobs >:c (Star on the Minimap) And they can't be killed whut? @ _ @ (Full DPS works but will be long and hard~ xD)
Here are the weaknesses of each Elite Monster >w<
Monoceros (Dino Rat)
MonocerosLava Cracks
Look for the lava spot on the ground near it and lure it there, it will break its armor and it becomes super soft, burst it down the moment its shell cracks from the heat.
Cetus (Aho Beam)
Cetus Engine
When its recharging, burst it down >w< Use skills with
float to break its core faster.
Lacreta (Summoner Lizard)
Hit it until it spawns mobs, but dont kill them. Wait for Lacerta to buff the spawned mobs. Burst it down when you see the notification. Knockdowns break the core faster.
Creomar (Electric Thunder Spamming Blanka)
Creomar Core Break Notif
Wait for it to start using its ground charging attack and back attack it until it's core breaks. Rinse and repeat if failed.
Putrakium (Puturum Wannabe)

Shoot the PutoPutrakiumMatchlock Equipped
Putrakium Weakness
When it says "Communes with the Putoriums
" use Atoraxxion Matchlocks (exchange option 2x Vaha's Cold Fangs with the Atoraxxion Exchange NPC in Vaha's Sky & Heart
) to shoot down the little birds above it, it will weaken it and you can easily burst it down.


Balancing Puzzle (1st Puzzle – Balance Scales)
Deceptively difficult puzzle. Best done by 1 person with decent memory.
All six boxes must be on the platforms and both the platforms have to be on the same height to complete.
Balancing Puzzle

Every puzzle clear will Either summon a Cube to interact or Light up the Sol Magia.
Mission Accomplished~!


Simon Says (2nd Puzzle – Ancient Weapon)
Most annoying puzzle but can be solved alone. Interact with the Sol Magia to Start the Demo.
After the Demo of 8 moves ends, the Ancient Weapon will show 3 more moves (these aren't part of the pattern) to show which platform is which.

Repeat after the Ancient Weapon's Demo by stepping on and off the platforms.

Left (1) - Sword Swing; Middle (2) - Shield Swing; Right (3) - Shield Smash
Make sure when you step on the platform there's a powdery glow. That means it's registered.
Simon Says


Thing to achieve before entering Vaha's Head:
1. Collect Vaha's Cold Thorns (10x for each player).
Vaha's Cold Fang
2. Getting Knowledge from the Environment. (Optional) (Link to all Knowledge Guide below)

3. Create Vaha's Dried Fang to access the next Area. (L > Simple Alchemy 10x Vaha's Cold Thorn)


Step 3: Vahmalkea - Vaha's Heart

After your party leader activates the Sol Magia into the next room, you notice a LOT of Eternal Gateways (Summoning Floaty Cubes) o - o What now?
Your Objectives in this Zone are:
1. Clear the Puzzles in the MQ as a team.
2. Summon mobs with the Gateways until you Summon Krahtenn, which will give you the Searing Heart Piece.
3. Combine the Searing Heart Piece with Vaha's Dried Fang and enter the next Zone, Vaha's Head.


Four Pillars Puzzle (3rd Puzzle – Blue and Red Lights)

After talking to the Sol Magia, a Sequence will flare in Blue and Red. One person records the Blue Pattern, another the Red Pattern.
After seeing the Final Flare, we use the Sequence that corresponds to the Colour of the Final Flare.
One person will run at the pillars and repeat the pattern according to the record.
Four Pillars~


Four Platforms Puzzle (4th Puzzle – Platforms)

Easiest Puzzle but buggy in some servers. Everyone stands on One of Four platforms (Martha Kiyen, Yaz, Lafi Bed Mountain & Empty), with the Fifth person interacting with the Sol Magia.
Everyone takes turns talking to the Sol Magia until everyone's completed the quest.

Martha Kiyen
^ InachargeaofaMarthaaKiyen'saPlatformauntilaIagetacalled.


Krahtenn (Giant Laytenn)
Krahtenn Power Stone
Super powerful mob @ - @ When it starts charging its power, it becomes invincible, use Atoraxxion Matchlock (minimum 1 person but flawless timing) and aim for its back to break its core, burst it down when it's on its knees.


Don't summon too many Eternal Gateways at once > < The Elite Mobs and Commune and release devastating attacks!
Exchanging Matchlocks to deal with the Putoriums is a smart idea too :3


Thing to achieve before entering Vaha's Heart:
1. Replenish your Potion Supply and Repair your Gear for the next Zone.
2. Collect Searing Heart Piece (1x for each player).
Searing Heart Piece
3. Getting Knowledge from the Environment. (Optional) (Link to all Knowledge Guide below)

4. Create Vaha's Burning Fang to access the next Area. (Combine in Inventory)

Vaha's Burning Fang



Step 4: Vahmalkea - Vaha's Head

You enter Vaha's Head and you're greeted by four pillars surrounding a Ball. o - o What now?
Your Objectives in this Zone are:
1. All members complete MainQuest to [Atoraxxion] Expectations Vs Reality.
2. Activate the Security System and clear all the waves of mobs to Summon the Miniboss, Ahtenn.
3. Kill Ahtenn and Create the Key to Vaha's Garden.


You talk to the Sol Magia at the End of the Room and Trigger the Security System by running over the Platforms that turn the Beams.

4 Beams

When all 4 Beams are hitting the Ball, Mobs will appear. After clearing three waves of Elites, the Security System will send in the Miniboss, Ahtenn.


Ahtenn (Titan Laytenn)

AhtennAhtenn Communes

When it starts "Communing" to a tower, burst and kill that tower fast to weaken it, it will go down to its knees when successful, burst it down when that happens. There will be 3 towers.

2 Members on Ahtenn, 3 Members one for each Spire (they're soft). Arrogance, Deceit, Hypocrisy Spires. Every time Ahtenn communes kill the corresponding Spire VERY quickly xD
With the right team and strategy, this boss can be cleared in 5 minutes or less.
Without this Strategy and pure DPS can take a long time, since Ahtenn heals every time you fail to destroy the spires. (Boss can also despawn after approx 30 minutes)


Ahtenn Loot:
Ahtenn Loot


Combine the Vaha's Burning Fang with Frozen Shell of Reason Guide in your inventory and Party leader interacts with the Sol Magia.

Vaha's Burning Fang + Frozen Shell of Reason

Vaha's Garden Portal

On to Vaha's Garden >w<



Step 5: Vahmalkea - Vaha's Garden

You go through the portal and arrive in a Narrow Corridor o - o What now?

Your Objectives in this Zone are:
1. After all members create and insert their Daggers into the Sol Magia, party leader will click on Entry.
2. If anyone can't stay for the final boss fight, leave BEFORE entering Vaha's Cradle. Lucretia Dagger and all Atoraxxion Loot will stay in the Inventory until you return.
3. ‘Lucretia’s Chipped Ruby‘ can be obtained from the NPC via the 20k Agris Points Quest mentioned (10k during event). ‘Lucretia’s Imperfect Ruby‘ is for the Elvia run.

Lucretia Dagger
^Make Lucretia Dagger :3

Insert Lucretia Daggers!

Entry to Vaha's Cradle


Step 6: Vahmalkea - Vaha's Cradle

You go through the portal and spawn on a platform high above @ - @ What now?
Party leader will interact with the Sol Magia to Summon the Final Boss. (If the leader drops down, pass the leader position to another person to spawn the boss.)


Alright Mechanics time >:3
Simple Rules:
Boss fight resets when all party members are dead. (No Ressurections of any kinds allowed)
There is no limit to the number of tries allowed. (There is however a Time Limit of around 2 hours before you are forced to teleport out.)
If anyone disconnects and leaves Vaha's Cradle, all party members will be teleported out upon failure as well. (If said person reconnects in Vaha's Cradle then it's fine :3)

Boss Mechanics:
Phase 1 (Hooman and Dino):
2 Adventurers handle Apex Lucretia the Hooman

2 Adventurers handle Apex Urukios the Dino
1 Strongest Adventurer (with Float CC is best) handles Middle
Optimal Summary:
2 persons hug the left wall and 2 persons hug the right wall and rush to their respective boss TOGETHER at the SAME TIME. The middle person will be in charge of distracting and killing the mobs to weaken the boss. Upon hitting 50% HP within 15 seconds of each other, both bosses freeze and Phase 2 begins.

Apex Battle
^The two H people start at the Left wall to the Hooman; The two D people start at the Right wall to the Dino; The M person stays near the start.

Towers and Bubbles
^Summon Bubbles by hitting Tower. Guide Mob to Bubble and Kill to weaken Boss. Simple! :D (Here we tried 1:3:1 formation and failed miserably)

Middle Job
^Middle person is doing a good job. Both bosses are weakened and everyone full DPS (Unless it's near 50%, then slow down until both bosses around 55% then full DPS together) RUSH TO THE OTHER BOSS if ur boss is frozen at 50% HP.

Bad End
^Bad End: Boss aggro was weird and they end up sticking together ; - ; (Everyone dies and reset)

Chat guide
^Communication is VERY important >:v (Due to a bug, the bosses freeze at 45% HP instead of the usual 50%)


Phase 2 (Hooman on Dino):
5 Adventurers focus on Surviving and Full DPS when the boss is Tied up

Optimal Summary: Everyone focuses on surviving the lasers, rocks and breath attacks. When the fairy minigame begins, lead the coloured fairies (you become a fairy magnet) to the corresponding spire. Upon success, boss will be tied up and everyone Full DPS. Upon failure, Kill the additional mobs and Survive until the next fairy game. Once the Boss HP reaches 30% Phase 3 begins.

Spires and Fairies
^The rocks got me ; - ; But my fwen hasn't given up and tries to lead the fairies to the spires to tie the Boss up. (If you're dead let ur teammates know where the coloured spires are :D)

Tied Up
^Boss is tied up >:D Full DPS!!! (Don't take screenshot like me :p)


Phase 3 (Angery Hooman on Dino):
1 Adventurer will lead the boss to a suitable corner
4 Adventurers will follow the leader
Optimal Summary:
Everyone follows the leader as he pulls the Boss to a corner in a clockwise (or anti-clockwise) manner. Once the boss reaches the corner, Full DPS. Once the notification appears (Lava Cannons), leader will run to another corner and everyone follows or dies. After exhausting all corners, the boss is pulled to the middle where it is DPSed down and dies. Everyone celebrates! :DD

Every Corner Gone ; - ;
^Too few pepo left alive for the Final Phase. Boss not killed before lava filled all 4 corners and even the centre of the room ; - ; Reset!

Boss Clear~!
^VICTORY! Collect the Boss Loot before entering the final room :3

Loot >w<
^Boss loot :3 (Scroll of Vaha's Records, On the Lucretia Dagger Knowledge, Key of the Sunless Dawn)


Only ONE person briefs to avoid confusion. Others can add after each phase explanation is done.

Briefing should include the following:
1. Reminder to fix gear and buy potions.
2. Phase 1 Role Assignment (Strongest person to solo Middle, Who updates HP etc)

3. Phase 2 Moving speed and Direction (Clockwise or Anti-clockwise, Update Spire Locations, Don't steal fairies etc)
4. Phase 3 designate a single person to follow the corners. (Press V to escape if the lava starts pouring and you're not out yet)



Step 7: Vahmalkea - Vaha's Paradise

You happily run into the black hole and find yourself in a small room ^w^ What do you do now?
Your Objectives in this Zone are:
1. All members complete the MainQuest to [Atoraxxion] Vaha's Time Capsule for Family first timers. [Atoraxxion] Vaha's Paradise for Character.
2. Gather the only knowledge in Vaha's Paradise.
3. Leave with the giant door at the end of the room or force exit in 20 minutes or so.


Final Family Quest
^Family Quest Reward for completing  Atoraxxion Vahmalkea (Quest name [Atoraxxion] Vaha's Time Capsule)

Vaha's Paradise
^Character Quest Reward for completing Atoraxxion Vahmalkea (Quest name [Atoraxxion] Vaha's Paradise)

Vaha's Paradise Knowledge
^"Still Water" Knowledge!!

Take pics :D
^Take a picture to celebrate :D



Step 8: Vahmalkea Rewards

Apart from the 100fs Enchanted Scroll and Fine Magic Crystal Box, you can gain additional rewards (☆▽☆)
This includes:
2x Vahmalkea: Rift Chest (Y & Fughar's Weekly)
2x Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest (Y & Weekly in Vaha's Garden)
The chests are here >w<



Step 9: Return to Vahmalkea?

Every week, you can still do the Chipped Ruby and Fughar's weekly to obtain an Aakmah and Rift chest. So it's never a bad thing to do it again after the first time~!
In addition, there are several BONUS puzzles, as well as rewards for accumulating Knowledge from Quests in Vaha's Storm :D (Links below)


With that, you've reached the end of the guide. Thank you so much for reading! ^^ Good luck in your Atoraxxion Vahmalkea runs! o7
Bless your RNG~! \( ゚ヮ゚)/




Detailed Guide to Final Boss:
Lunastryke's Guide (Text):


Guide to all Puzzles:
Bloodfall's Guide (Video):

Black Desert Foundry's Guide (Text):


Guide to all Knowledge:
Maha Paletos' Video Guide


General Guides:
Chris Poli's Guide (Video)

Black Desert Foundry (Text)


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