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Enhancing Accessory Obtained From Dailies To PEN
Donezo1 2021-09-06 04:17
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Hello Adventurers Its Donezo here

In this guide Im going to show you guys the way to enhance your accessory from jetina dailies

and the materials needed to craft Burning Moonlight Black Stones.


Materials Breakdown According to Enhancement levels


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Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst can be bought from the NPC Old Moon Manager in every major cities.


Making Burning Moonlight Black Stones


The above mentioned materials can be converted in Burning Moonlight Black Stones by using Simple Alchemy in the (L) menu



This is the breakdown for making one BMBS

After crafting the Burning Moon Black Stone and getting the Accessory to TET by enhancing

A special quest will be available with Jetina

In this quest you will have to hand over 110 Burning Moonlight Black Stones and A TRI version of whichever accessory you are enhancing (Eg: TRI Ring of Cresent Guardian)

After finishing this quest Jetina will give you Dancing Moonlight Black Stone

which can be used to enhance your TET accessory to PEN

Hope this guide will help you guys out.

Good luck with getting your guaranteed PEN Accessory Fellow Adventurers

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