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[Seasonal] Fughar's Timepiece Detailed Guide++
KIRARYNN 2021-09-13 22:23
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Hello there! o/
Wrapping up your Seasonal run and is unsure of how to properly utilise all the benefits from this item below?:

Fughar's Timepiece Guide 0
This is the Guide for you~! >w<

What is Fughar's Timepiece?

In summary, it's an item that's meant to pass Seasonal Status and gear to another character, with the bonus of character xp (Levels) and combat skill points (All Skill Points gained from Killing Mobs). For the average player, this means you copy a (recommended min.) level 61 character with 1.6k+ Skill points from thin air! xD
This will greatly improve your family fame, and give u an instantly functional character to play with!


Fughar’s Timepiece Requirements:

  • Requires a normal (non-season) character (Level 25 or below) in your Family.
  • Complete Quest: “[Season] Fughar’s Special Timepiece” from Fughar
    • Quest requires level 25+ on a Season Character
    • Reach level 56 on your Season Character
    • Speak to Fughar to receive Fughar’s Timepiece
  • Fughar’s Timepiece must be used by your Season Character on a normal server.
  • Your Season Character must unequip all gear before use.
  • Right click Fughar’s Timepiece to open the transfer window

Alright now on to the Guide xD:
Step 0:
Create a new Normal Character from the Character Creation page. Pick any class you like and move the character to Velia!
Cute Ranger UwU

Step 1:
After accepting the Timepiece Quest from Fughar, move your seasonal character to a normal server, take off her gear and RMB the Fughar's Timepiece!
Empty Season Gear
This will show a list of characters u have. Select the character you would like to transfer Seasonal and Levels to!

Be careful~
^ A warning! >:D
^ Success! ^^

Step 2:

Using your Ex-Seasonal, transfer the gear to your new Seasonal Character via Storage! (Make sure to move the Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons too!)

Storage all Tuvala

From here, you switch to your new Seasonal Character and you're ready to slay with a new class >w<
Don't forget
^ Don't forget to complete this Quest from the Black Spirit to level up~!

You did it! >w< (Simple Guide ends here)

Maximizing Tips:
Don't forget you can do the Simplified MainQuestline from the Crossroads during Balenos Mainquest again for some quick Outfits, Inventory Slots and Social Actions!
Please do it BEFORE you graduate! xD

Special Cases:
"I want to keep my PEN Tuvala Weapons on my Ex-Seasonal Character after graduating!"
No Convert Tuvala
In this case, simply ignore the Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons and graduate!
Nope dont need em UwU
^ Note that once discarded, no longer Restorable from clicking the Red Trash Icon in I.

By following these simple steps, you should have something that looks a lot better than this xD
This is so sad ; - ; Alexa Play Despacito
^ Depression Tuvala Gear and Rewards from Graduation :p
(This was done in 4 hours please nu flame and yes 2 earrings, 1 necklace and 1 ring was never made xD) (Conversion stones will be deleted after Season Ends)
(Also ignore the Blackstone I put it in there cause I was panicky)

Happy Graduation! ^ ^


Pre-Graduation Checklists:
[  ] Claimed PEN Capotia Accessory from Fughar (Level 20 Unlocked Quest "[Season Special Gift] Dreams Ebb and Flow")
[  ] Used up all Tuvala Materials

[  ] Used up all Rift Echoes
[  ] Claimed all Season Pass Rewards and Used all Leveling Aid Boxes (75 Swell Seashells total for F2P, 120 with Black Spirit's Pass)
(Swells are NOT deleted after seasonal end do not panic xD)

(The 15 daily certificates are not deleted as well :3)
[  ] Claimed all Time Filled Black Stones and Tuvala Ores in Y > Rewards tab
[  ] Completed Simplified MainQuest on Timepieced Seasonal Character

[  ] Etc. (Atoraxxion Weekly, Tuvala Materials Weekly, Regionals)

If I missed anything feel free to add in the comments section below >w< I'll be sure to credit ya~!



Character Name KIRARYNN
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goob guide

Character Name Lunoirethe
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Is this the Shoyu guide

Character Name Gueen
Main Character Shai
Lv 61
# 4

The saddest part for me, is I missed to complete this last Season.



Character Name Auraenys
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 61
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