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Fughar's Timepiece Explanation (ENG/ID)
Geezoe 2021-09-17 15:08
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Fughar's Timepiece is for transfer your Seasonal Character to Normal Character.

You can get Fughar's Timepiece from NPC Fughar if your Seasonal character LV.25 or above

This item can Duplicate (Combat EXP and Skill EXP) your seasonal character to your new seasonal character.



Fughar Timepiece adalah item untuk mengubah seasonal character to normal character.

Kamu bisa dapat item ini dari NPC Fughar jika Seasonal Charactermu level 25 atau lebih tinggi.

Item ini dapat menduplikasi ( Combat EXP dan Skill Points EXP ) seasonal character mu ke seasonal character mu yang baru.



Before and After using Fughar's Timepiece


Warrior ( Seasonal Character + Level 61 + Skill Points 2.000 )

Ranger ( Normal Character + Level 20 + Skill Points 1.000 )

Warrior ( Normal Character + Level 61 + Skill Points 2.000 )

Ranger ( Seasonal Character + Level 61 + Skill Points 2.000 )


Preparations & Requirements:

1. Connect to a normal server

2. Unequip all of your season character's gear

3. Your Seasonal Character must be Lv.25 or above (Transfer From)

4. Your Normal Character must be Lv.25 or below (Transger To)


Once you use Fughar's Timepiece there display the Transferal Window,once the transferal is complete your Seasonal Status will be transfer to your Normal Character

and your Previous Seasonal Character became Normal Character.

Completing this process you can get 3 Tuvala Weapon Exchange Coupons.

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