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A Simple and Easy Farming Guide.
Kotonemi 2021-09-24 15:24
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Hello BDO Grinders and Gatherers, 
I have had some people ask me to make a guide about farming and 3 months later here it is. This guide won't be an exhaustive guide on farming but rather a simple guide that tells you the basics. Because in my opinion learning the basics and figuring out the rest is a fun way to play this game.  With that said, Let's get started. 

VERY IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that you have a dedicated Alt character that does farming and farming alone since you can park it permanently in that location and not have to travel to your farm every 3 hours.

First to Farm anything you need Fences in which you can place your crops. The way to obtain them is to rent them from NPCs around the world of black desert. There are mainly 3 types of fences that an individual would need to know. 

Small fence -  3 Contribution points -  4 Crop plots

Medium/plain fence - 6 Contribution points - 7 Crop plots

Large/strong fence - 10 Contribution points - 10 Crop plots

There is also an Old moon fence which is the same as a large fence, It gives you no real advantage other than being smaller than a large fence in size hence making It easier to place. You can not farm on it unless you are Master 1 or above. 

You can only have a maximum of 10 crop plots regardless of their kind and if you mix and match them as well. So an Ideal setup for farming would be a 10 large fence setup which requires 100 CP. That doesn't mean that you cant get started on a smaller scale. It just means that you have to find out what you want to do with farming first.  Before we get to the purposes of farming, let's see how one can obtain a fence. The most simple way is to search 'fence' in the NPC finder and go to the NPC that offers the fence that you want. 

Run to your NPC and get your fences. They should look like this. 


After you have the fences in your inventory you can place them in any location that is not a safe spot/ town.  So if you want to be creative and have them right in the middle of your grindspot. no one is gonna stop you as long as the terrain allows it. Right-click on them to go into place mode.


Now that you have learned to place fences it is time to start farming, Before you choose what to farm in the fences you need to decide why you are farming. The two most common reasons for farming are:-
1. Materials for T9 horses - While farming you will obtain farming byproducts when you breed your plants(Do note that you have to breed them so You won't get any harvest from your crops and only get new crops to plant again and some farming byproducts.). You can combine any two types of these byproducts (20 of each) in simple cooking to produce Stonetail fodder. Which is a material used to awaken your T8 courser into a T9 Dream horse.  This material is very rare and is always sold out in the market place so you can either sell them for profit or make them for yourself to get your dream horse. 

2. Materials for Cooking - Here you are mostly harvesting your crops to get the materials you need for cooking. For this, you can still follow the methods of this guide but you would not use the seeds that I recommend and you would mostly harvest rather than breed your crops. Refer to my previous guide on how to obtain the seeds for harvesting cooking materials.

With that covered the first step you need to do is to get Artisan 1 farming Because to maximize our efficiency and to minimize the suffering we are gonna be after Magical seeds. You can obtain higher quality seeds on a set chance when you breed your crops. Magical seeds only start to drop after you have at least reached Artisan 1 farming hence step one of getting ready to Farm is to power level your farming. This can be done even in a single day depending on how dedicated you are.  The highest bulk of experience you get from farming is by pruning/Removing bugs from your crops. Followed by breeding and lastly harvesting. Usually, you would want to avoid your crops being bug infested/ require pruning because if this happens your crops would slow down in growth significantly till you fix them. But for us to power level, we are gonna make sure our plants grow in a sub-optimal way so that we can prune as many times as we can in the shortest time possible.

Here is an Infested crop that requires Pruning. The progress bar turns red and you need to interact with it to fix it. 

You can also check on the state of your plants by clicking the My gardens icon on the top left. 

The rate that plants get blighted or bug-infested depends on two factors mainly, Temperature and Humidity. Each plant has its ideal growing conditions which you can check after you plant them. 

The lighter colored spots are the Ideal Temperature and Humidity, And when your crops are placed in a location like the above where both are not ideal You need to care for them more often compared to a spot that has Ideal conditions. You can experiment with various crops and locations to figure out the answer but the most common combination used are:

Location: Demi River bank Below Heidel

Crop: Special purple mushroom.

You can buy them off the market, Purple mushrooms are gonna be your best friend if you are looking to get materials for your T9 horse attempts. They are very quick to grow hence you can get more planting cycles per day. After you hit Artisan 1 you can Get Special Purple Mushroom Hypha which you will continue to plant and breed to get your horse mats and Fruits which you can either sell directly or use in alchemy. 

Now that you have gotten Artisan 1 using the plant. prune, breed method what do you do next? Well, you move to a location with Ideal conditions of course. It is difficult to find the location with both Ideal humidity and Temperature for your crop since They fluctuate over time based on the ingame weather. hence we are gonna focus on the location with the ideal temperature which should be more stable compared to Humidity and your plants grow faster if you have an Ideal temperature. 

The most common location for Purple mushrooms is below Loggia farm. 

With this, you know what to plant and where to plant, Now for the how-to plant part. You want to place your fences in a pattern similar to what is suggested in this image, Credits: BDO Lifeskill Discord. This is so you can use Water and Fertilizer the least number of times and hit the most number of plots. (Right-click on them from your inventory when you are standing at the correct location). Water and Fertilizer make your plants grow faster. 

As long as you understand the concept you should be able to find a proper placement for you. Here is how I did them. 

Now we are all set to get our Magical seeds. All we have to do is plant our special seeds and breed them till we get lucky and get a magical seed. 1 Magical seed takes up 5x the crop plots of a special seed so if your special seed needs 2 crop plots your magical seed needs 10. For our Purple Mushrooms, each magical seed needs 5 crop plots while also yielding more by-products compared to their 5 special counterparts. They are much easier to take care of and much more profitable. Remember that you can sell any extra Magical seeds you have to any NPC vendor for some profit. 

Each time you get a Magical seed you can replace them with 5 of your special seeds until you have a garden full of Magical seeds. Now you are all ready to earn money or tap dream horses. Except for the fact that your seeds might still need constant care. The solution to that is workers. Yes, You can have workers to take care of your farm. You need 1 worker for each plot hence 10 in total but the thing is you don't have to have any nodes connected so you can assign a worker in Valencia to your crop plots in Velia. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that workers will travel to your farm and stay there till they run out of food. So as long as you keep them fed constantly they won't return to their hometown which might result in wasted worker travel time. I suggest you get Giant workers in every town you can get and use them as the work speed doesn't matter for this while the higher stamina would do wonders. 
You can assign workers from your My Gardens button as before. 

Click on this button and pick the worker of your choice for that plot

Now you are all set to just hop onto your Farming alt and breed whenever your crops are ready to get your By-products. There are five types of by-products

Save them so you can process them to make Stonetail fodder. 
Also, keep in mind that your plots will be moved to the storage if you haven't interacted with them for a week and you would lose all your Magical seeds forcing you to start over. With that said good luck future farmers. 

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