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RAT RAMBLINGS: Understanding Loot scrolls
Potatopower 2021-09-26 00:11
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Understanding Loot scrolls


Hello adventurers!


Retromay( aka Mr. RAT) bringing you some tips and tricks about Loot Scrolls.


So there are 2 modes of Loot scroll Blue Loot scroll and Yellow Loot scroll.


NOTE: Blue loot scroll is +1 on the new loot scroll ui and Yellow Loot scroll is +2


Blue loot scroll gives 50% Item Drop Amount and 100% Item Drop Rate. Yellow Loot scroll gives 100% Item Drop Amount with 100% Item Drop rate


Here Item Drop Amount means trash loot that mobs drop and Item Drop rate means the rate of change/probability of rare items they can drop.


As we can see both increases the Item Drop rate by 100%.


The question arises how does Item Drop Amount get affected by the blue loot scroll and yellow loot scroll. 


So, now if you have a mob that drops 1, 2, 3  trash loot then a 50% loot scroll(Blue Loot scroll) will multiply each value with 1.5 and it will round down. So we get 1, 3, 4 trash loot. But now if we see cases like where trash loot is 2,4. We get 3,6 trashloot which is a 50% increase at written. So this tells us that the efficiency of Blue lootscroll mathematicaly can lie between from 0% to 50%. 

Note: 0% is when the mobs only drop 1 trashloot. The current new changes to valencia mobs make them drop 1 trash loot per mob. That makes the Blue loot scroll inefficient but you will still get the 100% Item Drop Rate.


On the other hand Yellow loot scroll is simple it just doubles the amount of trash loot you get. 


Now the question arises how to decide where to use blue loot scroll and yellow loot scroll.


The answer is it totally depends on you if you value real life time more or you value loot scrolls. If you have less loot scrolls then sure use blue lootscrolls. But if you have many lootscrolls just sitting there and you know that they will never get used. Just start using Yellow Loot scrolls. Even if you are not maximising profit you are saving a lot of real life time! 


One the best videos i found online explaining this in further detail is from Content Creator Duodecil. Big shotouts to him for making this video and putting the efforts in.

Here is the link to his youtube video :


I hope this guide helps people in deciding when and which Loot scroll to use. 


Please do share your feedback and additions below. 


If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to contact me ingame or on discord(Retromay#4383).


Rat out ~~

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