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Understanding Nodes PVE
LastFaith 2021-10-06 16:43
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Hi Players!

This guide is for new players who just started Black Desert Online game recently. I`m pretty sure some of you don`t understand the "Nodes,Contribution Points and Energy". Don`t worry, I was once like you. Be sure to check my guide so you dont miss out this important extra knowledge in game.

What are Nodes?
Node/Node`s are the logo`s you saw when you press your map. You can connect nodes using contribution points  from the nearest town and use energy points to invest on the node. Investing a node in a grinding spot can give you item drop rate +50% at Level 10. However effect only applies 10% of the time while defeating monsters. So if you are grinding on a same spot everytime be sure to invest in that node so you can get the extra drop rate!

*screenshot of showing node/nodes*


level 10 node

*example of level 10 node*

What is Contribution Points and how to get it?

- Contribution Points can be used for buying a house, investing in Nodes, or renting items. Completing regular quests and Completing daily contribution quests are two ways to get contribution points. In example of completing daily quest you can go to your Quest at "O" (only if you didn`t change your hotkey for quest), then look for Recurring quest tab. Refer to the screenshot below. It gives different cp reward per quest done so do it at your convenience.

recurring quest

*screenshot of recurring quest tab*

cp logo

*screenshot of contribution points logo*


What is Energy ?

- Energy is the one you will use in investing on to the node from level 1 to max level 10. You can get more energy by doing variery of things like speaking with NPC`s, finding new resources and new types of fish, discovering new areas and so forth all increase your knowledge. Energy is restored by 1 point every 3 minutes on an active character. For the inactive characters or when you are offline, energy restores by 1 per 30 minutes.



*screenshot of energy logo*




~Thank you for reading~

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Nice guide my friend!


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nice guide for noob people like me (y)

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